I Ate Hills For Breakfast

4.36 Miles
36:00 Minutes
Jillian Michaels Workout
Hill Shredding Strides

I’m not sure what you had for breakfast yesterday, but I had a bowl of shredded hills with a side of Nuun and some cashews.  The final (luckily mostly downhill) mile was a 6:40 which left this mama very, very happy during the wee hours of the morning run.

Who’s the tired crabby one? Should be me, but no, it’s this little babe who was too tired to even swim on Sunday

As I mentioned on Monday, we had a family wedding this weekend which left me VERY unrested.  After hitting the sack around 2am I woke up at 3:30 to find Vanilla sleepwalking around my aunt’s house, then at 5 am he announced he couldn’t sleep, and at 6am Strawberry woke up and brought me into the hot mess of his restlessness.

So needless to say I took Sunday off, since the day was sponsored by a short nap and copious amounts of caffeine.

And then yesterday the hours slipped by me and aside from a late afternoon 45 minute paddleboard jaunt with my mom (it was on her bucketlist and it was her birthday) I never even got so much as a drop of sweat on…which didn’t leave me very happy.

Which is precisely why this morning I needed to get up early and take advantage of the other adults in the house with the kids so I could get my sweat on.

And sweat I did!

And boy did I sweat.  It was all sorts of ridiculous wonderfulness and made me feel human again and helped to wash some of the stress in my life away.

I’m still banned from speed work (boo Dr. Scott!), so I decided to just do my normal short kid-loop and did each of the hills 3-5 times.   If you need to just add a little extra oomph to your workouts I highly suggest this method of mixing it up without breaking out of the normal routine.

And yes, I realize cranking out the last mile fast was likely speed work but I’ll justify it as one mile and consider it as a gift to myself to remind my legs that they can, indeed, go that fast still.

Are you a sweataholic?  For me, a workout just doesn’t feel like a workout unless I see sweat dripping off my body….

What’s your favorite cross training?  I need new ones since mine are starting to bore me.

4 thoughts on “I Ate Hills For Breakfast

    • Oh, I am trying to like cycling, but the only thing I really like is that it makes me sweat fast. I have a thing about seeing sweat all over the machine at the gym (or on my bike). So gross, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment. And yes I do sanitize it afterward 🙂

  1. Great job! Hills are really speed work in disguise, so you snuck one past your doc!

    I don’t envy you the lack of sleep Sat. night. That’s so hard to recover from!!

    • Indeed. I decided the extra day of rest was actually my “workout” because I was a hurtin’ pup! And yes, my doc knows it’s speed work but I can plead ignorance right?!?

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