Who is Me?

Vanilla (my snuggly blondie), Chocolate (my FroHawked love), and Strawberry (my sassy redhead)

My running career started at the ripe old age of 5 in kindergarten.   I remember it like it was yesterday…or well over two decades ago, but I digress.

I had a broken arm and wanted to run the 100 yard dash and run as fast as my little chicken legs could carry me.  I did and I won.  Flash forward to junior high when said chicken legs went from adorable to awkward and I somehow ended up at a track practice.  I went from struggling behind the pack to winning day after day and week after week at practice.  I have a disdain for losing and it kept me going.

I spent the past 2 decades in an on again off again relationship with running.  Now we’re going steady and it’s pretty serious.  After dealing with knee issues on and off for years I finally gave it the old heave ho to overcome them once and for all.  During that time I collected a few kids.  I’m the mom to three amazing, ridiculously silly and always active boys and jumped back into my career full-time.

As you can see above they’re the neapolitan crew.  My oldest (Strawberry) is 7, my middle (Chocolate) is 5, and my youngest (Vanilla) is also 5…just a day younger than his older brother.  So basically I have a ton of free time.

Here I’ll share my running & mothering stories…but it’s just a little piece of my life.  Other things that top my list of importance:  my faith, my career, friends and family, and reading…oh how I love a good book 🙂

Now that my IT-band is in full submission and my knees (typically) cooperate I’ve been learning the artistry of balancing parenting, working and running.  My posts are little sneak peaks into the life of a running mom in the OC.  Taking each day one stride at a time.


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