Stuff I Like

For the record, these are the things I use and love…and buy.  If I ever receive something for free to talk about, I’ll let you know.

New Balance Minimus

Minimal running, maximum love

I transitioned to these suckers about a week after they hit the shelves.  It was a slow transition and I dealt with some SERIOUS calf tightness and general foot aches throughout the transition but now I’m hooked.  I could never go back to anything but minimal shoes.  I love the trail and street runners depending on the run.

LuluLemon A Marathon Crop

Heaven for your bum

My Lulu marathon crops are my “special pants”.  I BQ’ed in them and only peed a little.  I once wore them into the Gap to pick up some tank tops and the sales guy was all, “Did you know our Gap Body crops are very similar?”.  While I love my Old Navy crops for day to day, I turned to the guy and said, “These have 7 pockets, do yours?”.  He said no then asked if I wanted my receipt in my pocket instead of the bag.  Looks like I didn’t make a friend that day.

OneLove Headbands

Even works with the micro pigtail..and during this race I had 3 different people shout they loved my headband.

My hair has gone from long to short and is somewhere around short-ish medium and let’s face it…I need my bangs to keep my forehead proportionate.  All this makes for interesting hair control when running.  With all the slipping and sliding with the pony tail and the pinching and flipping of small headbands with short hair (seriously hair flopping in your face for 12 miles just ain’t cool) I’m a HUGE fan of these OneLove headbands.  I have 3 and can’t live without them.  Prices are a little steep online, but I picked mine up 3/$25 or so at the Long Beach Expo.

Old Navy Cropped Leggings

Super Croppy, Super Comfy!

Okay, I know…Old Navy…active wear…For someone who lives in their running crops, you would think that they wouldn’t hold up, but seriously I LOVE these capris.  They’re the right length, fit just right and I love the zip pocket on the back.  And I can usually get them on sale at some point for about $15 which makes the price just right too for day to day stuff.

Nathan Hydration Belt

Drinky, drinky…

Ahh, the hotly contested hydration debate amongst runners.  Camelback, hand held, belt…what’s a runner to do?  I’ve tried them all and honestly I love my belt.  Sure, there’s the occasional jiggle, but for the most part it works out just fine and holds tight (minus the occasional creep up to my mid-waist).   If I’m going longer than about 15 miles I usually carry a water bottle as well since I’m a hydration freak.  I HATE being thirsty on runs.



All the electrolytes, none of the sugar.  I love it, I drink it and have even been known to “season” my beer with it.  This is a staple in Striding Mom land and can be found anywhere and everywhere.

Pro Compression Socks

Sometimes we all need a hug, and it seems my calves like feelin’ the squeeze more than I realized.  I originally started with a pair of Zensah compression sleeves to abate some feisty, fickle calf muscles and then found ProCompression’s to be even better.  I love that ProCompression is a local company and a family business.  Now that’s the stuff I can get behind..  Yes, I can be seen sporting these dapper duds everywhere from the grocery store to street festivals.  As an added bonus I now obsessively take pictures of the bottom half of my legs.  Your’e welcome.


2 thoughts on “Stuff I Like

  1. I love a lot of these products too (specifically pro compression & nathan belt). Glad you are okay after Boston; my heart goes out to all of you!!

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