True Confession Thursday: 2 Generations of Yoga

4.1 Miles
7:26 average
Breezy Strides

Before I get into my True Confession, I want to point out that my “Aha Moment” is on the Fit Approach website so check it out 🙂

Apparently I decided to torture my poor mother yesterday.  She’s in town visiting and I whipped up a nice dinner for her and dropped it off at the pool where she was watching the kids….for hours….

Mango salad w/ homemade cilantro lime dressing in a jar. Shake, toss & eat

After a great run, I would love to tell you I had a fabulous yoga sesh with mi madre.  I could say we were focused, intense and making every second count.

This is what we thought we should have looked like.

Instead we pretty much worried about who was going to be the first one to fart.

We had a good moment (ignore the mess behind us…lots of people in small quarters this week

And then it went all downhill from there….

Fading fast…

And then she completely lost it.

She collapsed and I’m trying to take a picture

And it continued to plummet to Nogoodland

Then I lost it…

And finally, we just quit.

So if you think ever think my all of my workouts are extremely productive…you’re wrong.  Some are, some aren’t…and this one certainly wasn’t.  But we did get a nice dynamic core workout from the laughing.  Winning!


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