Fruits of My Labor

Workout In Progress
Progressive Strides

It seems my workout is just not meant to be today, but I. will. make. it happen.  Got about 3 miles in on the bike super early this morning and had to stop to manage some household affairs.  Then did another 20 minutes spinning at the gym and went to hop in the pool – yeah, there was a class.  Now I’m hoping I can squeeze a mile swimming in between a haircut and airport pickup to grab my babes.

In other news….

Truth be told, I’m still not 100% un-slumped.  I’m on my way out, but not totally unfunkified.  But today I’ve had a few little “pick me ups” to help me back away slowly from the desserts with my hands in the air.

So today, I’m reflecting on some of the fruits of my labor.

#1- MY BABIES ARE COMING!  Although each babe gave me a unique type of “labor” – I can’t wait to squeeze, hug, kiss, and generally annoy them with a love bombardment.  I know they were extra loved by their grandparents and aunts and uncles…but this mama’s missing the laughs that normally fill this house (oh and the tears and bickering too).

Class Pic – Chocolate’s bored, Stawberry is coming off a meltdown and Vanilla is textbook indignant.

#2 – Good Kids – My neighbor came up to me today and noted how quiet it had been.  My natural mom response, “Yes, I miss them and I’m sorry if they’re loud all of the time.”  Her response – “Oh my no!  Your kids are some of the most polite, smart, respectful kids I’ve ever met.”  #winning!  Sometimes it’s nice to know all that blood, sweat and tears you put into raising good kids is actually working.

#3 – Good Peeps.  I got the following text message yesterday and forgot about the exchange until this morning.

My priorities for staying fit:  myself, my health and my kids.  It’s always been that way, but as of late I’m learning how much documenting my journey and talking about my experiences with others has been helpful.

#4 – My Fruits & Veggies.  My patio garden has been as neglected at Katie Holmes the last few months, so it’s not doing great.  But today I found a few literal fruits of my labor.

If not abundant, it’s at least colorful.

This was the start of lunch and supplemented them with some hummus and veggies.  I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about growing your own produce that makes it taste better.  That itty bitty strawberry was the sweetest, juiciest one I have EVER eaten.  Too bad there’s only about 5 more on the plant.

Moral of this ridiculously long, barely purposeful tirade:  Even when you’re in the slumpiest, funkiest, lurchiest place it’s important to know that eventually things will change and when it happens, there will eventually be fruits from the labor you invested in that really crappy time.

Anyone else got the funk?  How do you pull yourself out?  (Don’t say run or I’ll reach through my computer screen and slap you *whines at injury*).


6 thoughts on “Fruits of My Labor

  1. I’ve been in a bit of a funk, mostly because my schedule has been full and i have little free time. I’m considering doing my working my workouts in the morning before work if I can get myself up at that time!

    • Scheduling funks are the worst. But I almost always find I never regret getting up early for a workout. In fact, I usually have more energy when I do it. So hard though!

  2. I looooove garden grown vegetables, it makes me want a garden. Not enough to actually to a garden, but it makes me want one nonetheless. I don’t know how to get out of slumps. Reading other’s blogs and seeing their workout is motivating, but it’s just hard sometimes. :/

    • I’m a big fan of the potted plant garden – it’s actually pretty little work and fits nicely on my balcony. A bunch of little pots. Took about 2 hours to plant it all and my only “labor” Is watering it every 1-2 days. Not so bad!

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