On Feeble Attempts

Bike – 6 miles
Run 3.5 miles
Adventure Run Strides

I made a vlog yesterday.

It wasn’t pretty.  In fact, minus my adorable kids it was kinda boring for the first 2 minutes so I killed it.  We’ll try again next week.

One of the parts is when I discuss one of my goals for 2012:  Build a local running network.

I’m not going to lie, this one petrifies me.  I think this goal was harder for me to achieve than training for and running my first full marathon.


Snapshot of me ranting and raving about not wanting to go to the adventure run. Fun times.

Why building my running network?  Because the running community rocks.  It’s an amazing group of people and quite honestly I need people to challenge my running goals and provide insight sometimes instead of questioning my sanity like my non-running, non-athletic friends.

So I went to my 2nd Laguna Hills Road Runner Adventure Run.  Honestly, such good times.  But still, going in knowing NO ONE is scary. 

When out making new friends, be sure to wear clothes that explain your gross condition.

For the second month in a row, I found a group of people to run with and even saw some from the month before.  It was a fabulous time.  Great runs, good camaraderie, lots of laughs, free stuff, and yes, the ever important free beer at the end.

This time I stuck around for the “after party” at Woody’s and grabbed some dinner.  And met some local runners.

I’m still not at the “have some friends to call for a long run” or “let’s train for a race together” but I’m working on it.  And hey, that’s progress.

The end of the day left me with one very important question for everyone:

If you bike, run, drink 2 beers then bike again does it still count as a brick workout?


2 thoughts on “On Feeble Attempts

    • It’s actually ridiculous because I’ve lived here for 6 years, but have never actually made an effort to be a part of the running community. That’s the big problem 🙂 Time for me to step it up

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