True Confession Thursday: Revolution

Today I opted to skip out on the ol’ run and do some cross training.  Given it was:

A- Too hot to run at lunch [*ducking*….I know…I know….]

B- Kids are on break and around


C- I still am babying the almost, but not quite 100% hammy and have felt guilty reviewing my cross-training efforts from 2013.

Being the glass of class that I am, I hit up Amazon prime and found a Jillian Michaels video (two steps up from the Youtube vide with a “best mode” poster I found last time I was suddenly inspired to spontaneously cross train) and set out.  Before I could enjoy 3 minutes of it, I was quickly reminded why cross training at home with kids is always interesting.

At one point I got hot and took my shirt off….

Chocolate:  “Mom [points to TV screen] she has packs on her stomach, where are yours?

Vanilla quickly joins the conversation – “Yeah, you’re right, I don’t see any packs.  That’s no good.”

Strawberry:  “She has bumps on her back, are those packs?

The conversation continued:

Strawberry:  “Remember when I was going to eat my M&M’s for this New Year’s?”

Chocolate:  “That’s an amazing New Year’s Revolution.

Eventually one child wandered into the room and promptly stripped down to nothing asking questions about football butt naked and others drifted in and out of synchronized workout efforts.

This one made it through most of the workout with me and stayed *mostly* clothed the entire time...

This one made it through most of the workout with me and stayed *mostly* clothed the entire time…

Is it frustrating refereeing arguments instead of getting my plyometric exercises juuuuuust right?  Um yeah, sometimes, but with smiles, giggles and conversations like these how could I ever have a boring workout?

What’s the funniest thing someone told you while working out lately?


Well That’s Boring…

Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred
Athlete’s Guide to Yoga
Reffing Strides

Today’s workout was a kid friendly one given that I couldn’t bring myself to bring them to the gym daycare (nor was it open).

So this evening before dinner, we got our workout on together.

After the hyperactively respectable 30 Day Shred, we did yoga.  Or at least tried.

The conversation:

Why yes I can, in fact, do crunches and photograph simultaneously. I’m so glad you asked.

Strawberry:  Why aren’t they talking much?

Me:  Because part of yoga is about focusing on your body and really concentrating on the exercise.

Strawberry:  Well that’s boring, who’d want to do that.

And with that he turned on his heels and marched out of the room.

And that, my friends, is how perspective changes in just 20 or so short years.

And in other news, how did my 5 year old get ripped?

My childhood nickname was BOB (Bag of Bones). He’s probably grateful for nature vs. nurture on that one.