Bring on the Heat

Unintentional Rest Day
Too Hot, Too Sore (See video)

I put this bad boy together yesterday evening while I was waiting for the air conditioning guy to come.  Don’t worry…I don’t think I’ll be doing much more vlogging as I apparently suck at it.

A fun game – guess how many times I say hot during the video (answer’s at the end).

Is it hot where you are?
Do you want some cheese with my whine?


Vlogging: Round II

Miles: 5.2
Minutes:  42:01
Last Minute Strides

I was able to meet up with a friend last minute to squeeze in a quick run.  They always go so much faster with company!

In lieu of my writing, I’m posting my second attempt at vlogging.  Yes, the world will never be the same.  And my face – yes it’s that scary!