True Confession Thursday: Older & Barely Wiser

They say with age comes wisdom.  I think with age comes wisdom to know my need for incontinence products….and perhaps a few other thoughts.  So to celebrate my birthday this week, I’m going to list the greatest running lessons that have spilled over into my life this year.

Take It Or Leave It World.  This is who I am – ruffles, wrinkles, and rough edges.  I will always strive to be someone better, but I’m just a person.  I choose those who join in the journey with me.  I will never be the fastest runner, and someday I might be the slowest, but I’m willing to run with anyone who’s going my way.


Slow Down to Speed Up.  Sometimes you’ve got to take it back a notch to speed up- physically, emotionally, spiritually…it’s all the same.  Rest for the soul, rest for my legs, and rest for my heart will help me to better propel forward as the best me possible.  Ironically the more I’m slowing it up, the better my body is responding in terms of speed.

Breathe In, Breathe Out.  A few deep breaths go a long, long way….

Chickens Like Wine.  Fact, cause my kid told me so.

photo-3Dig Deep There’s Probably Something In There.  In the last year there have been some huge highs and low lows…and a lot of times when I thought I couldn’t go on.  And then somewhere deep inside me…way deep inside me…I would get through.  It wasn’t always pretty, but the finish line always waited.


The day I thought I’d quit at mile 3 and made it 10 more….

STREEEEETTCH.  So there’s this thing…you know…dynamic stretching.  Warm up the muscles, and slowly, methodically, carefully move your body and you find some pretty awesome results.  Beyond the PiYo I’ve come to like more this year, I’ve learned that slowly moving into something and giving some sloth-like, intentional, dynamic movement can actually make me a lot more flexible in life.

The things that once felt hard, painful and overwhelming can be achieved with slow, methodical practice and stretching tiny bit by tiny bit.  Too much too fast leads to pain, but taking the time to practice and using baby steps to get there lead to way better results.

And no, sadly it’s not an age group year, I’m just that much older competing against newer, younger (wine drinking) chickens.

What are you learning these days?


True Confession Thursday: Revolution

Today I opted to skip out on the ol’ run and do some cross training.  Given it was:

A- Too hot to run at lunch [*ducking*….I know…I know….]

B- Kids are on break and around


C- I still am babying the almost, but not quite 100% hammy and have felt guilty reviewing my cross-training efforts from 2013.

Being the glass of class that I am, I hit up Amazon prime and found a Jillian Michaels video (two steps up from the Youtube vide with a “best mode” poster I found last time I was suddenly inspired to spontaneously cross train) and set out.  Before I could enjoy 3 minutes of it, I was quickly reminded why cross training at home with kids is always interesting.

At one point I got hot and took my shirt off….

Chocolate:  “Mom [points to TV screen] she has packs on her stomach, where are yours?

Vanilla quickly joins the conversation – “Yeah, you’re right, I don’t see any packs.  That’s no good.”

Strawberry:  “She has bumps on her back, are those packs?

The conversation continued:

Strawberry:  “Remember when I was going to eat my M&M’s for this New Year’s?”

Chocolate:  “That’s an amazing New Year’s Revolution.

Eventually one child wandered into the room and promptly stripped down to nothing asking questions about football butt naked and others drifted in and out of synchronized workout efforts.

This one made it through most of the workout with me and stayed *mostly* clothed the entire time...

This one made it through most of the workout with me and stayed *mostly* clothed the entire time…

Is it frustrating refereeing arguments instead of getting my plyometric exercises juuuuuust right?  Um yeah, sometimes, but with smiles, giggles and conversations like these how could I ever have a boring workout?

What’s the funniest thing someone told you while working out lately?

True Confession Thursday: Spilled Water

Newsflash:  It’s raining in SoCal.

I snuck in a quick run between rain clouds and Cali-grade downpours (aka heavy drizzle).

I always find it ironic that when our “winters” hit (I’ll use that term loosely), the rest of the country and things get literally dark, gray and cold, we finally get “normal” weather.  Those rare rainy days are warmly welcomed as an excuse to make those recipes you’ve been eyeing for months and the cool, damp rain greens up the typically dry and brittle landscape.  So really, our winter is like most people’s spring/fall.

Rain’s so rare here that the boys were filled with theories about it on the way to school:

-The clouds are crying.
-God spilled his water glass.
-Someone hates me and wanted recess canceled.

Watch out world – I am apparently raising at least one conspiracy theorist.  Our forecast is calling for 3 days of rain…..including Saturday which is the Griffith Park Half Marathon:

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.15.26 PM.pngThis means two things:

1- Fighting over the Rainbow Loom will increase exponentially since being outside (which is approximately 95% of their play) is off limits.

2- While this Saturday’s race is my one of my most favorite races ever….the weather forecast tied with the elevation means….

GRF_MAP_GoogleEarth_Imagerace is looking like cloudy with a chance of falls.

Mud slinging, slip and sliding fun, fun, fun, fun, fuuuuun…(sung to the tune of the Tigger song).  Honestly I think this is the best thing that could happen.   I won’t possibly be able to run too fast and can really just HAVE FUN.

To be honest, things have been all crazy-like in the house with lots of stress, busyness, etc., so I could really use to just open up and have fun.  Last time I was on the hilly trails, I was flying high for days after.  So now it’s time to open ‘er up again….slow, steady, slippery fun.

Do you love running in the rain?
I do…and I still like puddle jumping too.  The boys asked when I stopped doing it the other day and I told them you should never stop.

Any races this weekend?

True Confession Thursday: Travel Woes

Let’s face it, life as a full-time working mom has it’s challenges from time to time. 

or some of the time

or all of the time.

I love reading about dedicated, diligent running schedules and finding the time to get in crazy, amazing miles.  But the reality is…

this isn’t my reality.  

I ran about 4.5 miles on Monday evening.  The sun set super fast so I had to dash my last one out in 6:45 to abate my “getting assaulted on the side of the road” (yes this happened locally about 2-3 years ago and still has me petrified) fear and left my hip/hammy with much to be desired after bolting downhill for a mile.

Add a crazy busy work week, including traveling cross-country and conversations like this happen:

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 1.17.32 PM.png

Yes I was trying to find somewhere to stash my bags so I could run in the tunnel under Atlanta airport.  Lucky for the person next to me on the 4+ hour flight home, I wasn’t able to find somewhere to do that.

Yes I know I’ve seen the sign:
someone-busierBut I’m running out of hours, and perhaps even more challenging – hours of daylight!

To be honest, what is most frustrating is that the busier I am, the more I need a little “sanity run”.   I’m in the middle of mapping out my upcoming races, but I do know I need more than 10 miles a week to make such things happen.

So I need your help – what’s your most creative way to squeeze in workouts?

True Confession Thursday: I See London, I See France

I got my hands on some runderpants.  

Somewhere in the misery of running uphill in the double digits of the Boston Marathon, I started laughing…and I’m not talking about a mild chuckle, I’m talking about a full on guffaw.  Probably because I saw this (or because of delirium…but that’s a whole other story):

If you’ve spent any time here at Striding Mom, you know that i kinda sorta joke tell the truth about me peeing in my pants when running.  I actually searched it on my blog and there were nearly 15 posts about this, so clearly I talk about it more than your average runner.

Yes, I know this peeing business is mostly normal, but my situation is a little worse than the average bear’s.

So when I received an email about the Dear Kate Believe I Am underwear and was asked to tell my story about how “I Am Strong” I knew it was probably time to channel my inner Lucy, because I have some “splaining to do”.

The duds, and they're certainly dapper!

The duds, and they’re certainly dapper!

The Back Story:

42.5 weeks - which is literally cruel and unusual punishment.

42.5 weeks – which is literally cruel and unusual punishment.  Oh and I apparently looked 12 when I was pregnant.  Not, in my 20’s.

I found out I was pregnant about 9 months after I ran my first half marathon and finally started really running again (beyond a quick 2 mile jog here and there).  I spent a lot of time during my pregnancy running on the treadmill ( I know, I know, hormones made me do crazy things) and even hitting up the streets when possible.  After childbirth I thought something felt “funny” but as a first-time mom I had no idea what normal really was.

So when a few days passed and I was literally peeing my pants every time I stood up, walked, or basically moved- and then the severe pain started- I knew something was up.

Long story short – days upon days in the ER, hospital (including a moment where I was literally feet in the stirrups and breastfeeding and the ER resident “forgot the door open” exposing my severely harshed lady bits to all the unsuspecting passerby’s), literally pulling a liter of blood out of my bladder, infection after infection, reactions to drugs that literally made me crazy, hives and so many more fun adventures, I ended up with a catheter for about 6 weeks and was pretty much completely incontinent.

Like, I had to re-potty train myself….in my 20’s.


No one put that nugget in the new mom manual that I never received.

End of race exhaustion?  No, just my Nuun running down my legs....

End of race exhaustion? No, just my disgust at the Nuun running down my legs….

I spent a year consistently peeing myself and when the “impact” of the elliptical was tough to navigate, running was fully out of the question.  About a year later, I found myself preggers again and had to have a c-section after 3 physicians warned me I’d likely be fully incontinent going through the whole traditional childbirth thing again.  As I left the hospital, my doc reminded me that a 3rd kid would basically render me taking stock in Depends, so I always kept that li’l nugget fearfully tucked into the back of my mind.

6 weeks after a c-section I went out for a jog and came home like my then 2-year old who was potty training….meaning I pretty much peed about 3 feet from the front door through whimpers and wines.  As a mother of 2, I was having as many accidents as the kids were.

It was about 7 years of turning down the dial on my hobby, but with persistence, a series of docs, more Kegels than any human being should ever do, sheer determination and rebuilding a lot of muscles, I’ve finally been able to stop running with shirts tied around my waist…most of the time.  Yes, there are still moments where out of nowhere I just completely pee myself during a race, and yes I go to the port-a-potty about 19 times before a race and pee at least 3 times before I leave my house to make sure every.single.drop has been left behind.

And because of these lapses, I honestly am SO digging the Believe I Am runderpants.  If you want to read the details about how they work you can check it out here, but basically it has lots o’ special liners that help keep you fresh if you spring a leak.

The fab folks at Dear Kate connected me with a few pairs of their new duds. They arrived in this cute little box and came with one pink “partially lined” and one black “fully lined” pair of bikini cut panties.  As a boxer brief/boy short kinda gal, this was close to me wearing a thong…but I digress…


Oh and the cutest little poem as well!


Some women run in them sans shorts, but let’s face it, my self-esteem just isn’t cut out for PDU’s (public displays of underwear), so I have been testing them under my running shorts and capris.

The DL:

-They do the trick.  I didn’t have a full-on pee sesh in any of the days I was wearing them (where were they when I was running Long Beach a few weeks ago?  Oh that’s right, in the  dirty laundry), but they did save me from any sneezes, coughs or minor “incidents” that happen.

-Runder my shorts.  I totally dug them under the shorts, they didn’t feel like I had anything on like I usually wear, and they kept me feeling a little fresher post-run when I didn’t get to change in 2.2.  They also stayed put inside my running shorts not creeping, in, out or thereabout.

-Runder my capris.  I *heart* wearing my running capris to just bum around in pretty much every day.   But I always face the great “underwear debate”.  This is clearly public knowledge because the other day Vanilla walked up to me and asked, “Are you free ballin’ it in those pants Mom?”  Uhhhh…okay…maybe.

Because yes, usually I do wear my capris sans underwear, but it’s not always my most favorite thing (remember Lululemon?).  I wore them under my capris for both day-to-day  and also for a 4.5 mile run the other day.  Outlook: Good.  I did have to do one creeper grab to fix a mini-wedgie about 1 mile in, but from that point on they stayed completely put.  My only complaint was some serious VPL.

When push comes to shove, I am totally digging my runderwear and am ready to give them a shot on a long run here in the near future.

What’s been one of your greater running challenges?

Are you a card carrying member of the SPC (Spontaneous Pee Club)?

True Confession Thursday: All The Lazy Things

Workout Recap:  NOTHING

So I am basically way in #lazymode today.  I don’t know why but it’s there.  I literally couldn’t get myself to do anything today (aside from working a full day).  I packed my swimsuit in my gym bag and then proceeded to blaze right past the gym.  I thought about running, but the thought of tying my shoes was exhausting.  I looked at my bike, then poured a bowl of Raisin Bran for a snack.

Actual screenshot from yesterday

Actual screenshot from yesterday

Yes I declared running up the stairs the WOD (Workout of the Day).  I will justify it by saying, at least I ran fast, and I was winded.  For like 3 seconds.

Just how lazy am I?  My mother and I were discussing how sometimes you make questionable clothing choices.  You know, like the other day when I wore my biking shorts to the gym.


Which wouldn’t be a huge deal, except there’s that lovely crotch liner thing that was, you know…..SHOWING.  It wasn’t awkward at all.

1332261703384_6797466This Saturday is the iTRYathlon (see…I’m not lazy, I’m just tapering….or at least that’s what I’m telling myself).  I know I’ve written about this event a bunch of times, but it seriously is one of my favorite events and I am incredibly excited for a fun family morning!

What was the last embarrassing thing you did?

Any exciting plans this weekend?


True Confession Thursday: Wet & Wild

45 Minutes Power Spinning
1/2 Mile Swimming
Sweaty Strides

My true confessions for the week:

-I still don’t understand how those true “swimming” suits look like they can fit a cabbage patch doll, and yet I can somehow squeeze into it.

-I spent about 30 minutes yesterday in the pool and spent the entire time thinking about 2 things:  1- I was contemplating the guilt I felt about having an affair with endorphins over my love of caffeine. I  spent a good part of the swim contemplating which chemical I liked more.  2- Bubbles.

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles...

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles…

Everyone made fun of that sad little yellow fish in the movie, but let me tell you, there’s something so cathartic and peaceful about watching bubbles moving all over your face.

-I was wearing my super sexy red Aesperis Pivot shorts yesterday during my maniacal spin session.  About 10 minutes in I looked down and noticed sweat in a very not nice place and spent the next 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get up and walk to the locker room without everyone thinking I had peed my pants.  Fear not, by the end of the 45 minute session, there was hardly a dry spot on the darn things.

Am I the only one who’s obsessed with not having “crotch sweat” (yep I just went there)?  I honestly wear only black running shorts (and one very bright neon pair that hides everything) because I HATE walking looking around like I peed my pants.  Or even worse, I actually did (#postpartumsprintingproblems).


I can handle the sweat on my shirt, back, neck, etc. but the second it’s on my pants I go kinda crazy about it showing.  Ask poor Sarah, who understands my obsession enough to send me pics of shorts with water/sweat poured on them to let me know if they passed my test.

Do you have a sweat phobia?