I Came, I Tried, I Won – Huh?

Saturday 3 generations hit the OC Roads to dabble with our first triathlon!  The iTryathlon in Irvine was actually a pretty fun, small local race.  There were about 500 people who participated and the mix was women and youth.  It made for an interesting dynamic, but the race was super organized (as most Renegade Races are), incredibly family friendly and a wee bit hot at the end!   Even with all my nerves and “where to go when?” jitters, it was seamless thanks to the Renegade staff.

Myself, Strawberry and Mumsie Poo all post-race

And a special shoutout to them because they made accommodations to help me meet my mumsie to finish her out.  The transition area manager saw me come through for my swim and was waiting by my bike when I returned and got me set on my way to find her.  Monster bonus points for that unique accommodation!

Showing off the goods!

And I’d say it was mostly a success!  I posted Saturday morning about my concerns (wedgies, falls, etc.) it turned out that none of my fears came true.  And for the record I forewent the garbage bag & duct tape swimwear.

5k:  21:16
Transition 1:  55 seconds
Bike (9 miles): 34:23
Transition 2 & Swim – Not recorded 😦 Boo!
Total Time:  1:03:35
1st place in Division, 8th woman overall

5K was okay – got a positive split so I went out too fast 😦  It’s also very humbling in a women & youth race when you’re getting your behind kicked by 13 year-old prepubescent boys and watching 15  & 17 year old girls hang out front.  Man, I felt old.
Mile 1- 6:30
Mile 2- 7:46 (all uphill)
Mile 3- 7

Bike:  I have no idea on my bike splits, but I was a hurting puppy on the mile 2 & 5.5 respectively uphill stint.

Swim:  I have no idea what happened…I pulled a Michael Phelps and ended up with one lens of my goggles full of water and the other half full.  I’d take a peak out of my right eye every 30 seconds or so to see where I was.  Rumor has it I passed one person.  I have no clue though!


1:  Dashing out of the pool, running back to my bike and meeting up with my mom for the last 2 miles of the bike and then swimming her to the finish.

Mumsie poo & I!

2:  Watching Strawberry kill it in his race (3rd place Division finish).  The half mile race was half uphill.  I may or may not have stood there yelling, “Hills make men!” to him repeatedly.

Hills make men. I may have said that to a running group of all men recently too.  I’m shocked they invited me back to run with them again.

3:  Literally biking next of groups of women singing, “I want to ride my bicycle…let’s hear it ladies…I want to ride my – ____” and made them fill in bike.  If they wouldn’t I’d tell them that yelling or singing bike would make them go faster.  That said, I just might have done a wee bit better if I didn’t spend 2 miles uphill trying to get people to sing.  Whoops.

4:  Super fun awards ceremony afterward.  They had one pro participate who was there signing medals for the kids (and some adults!) and they gave out tons of awards for small age groups which is rare in a small race.  Since it was targeted at newbies in the tri-world this was a GREAT way to get people motivated.  Showed Renegade’s commitment to encouraging people in the sport.  Monster kudos to you!

Kiddos spent the rest of the day at the pool and I literally sat in my swimsuit from the race with compression socks on (it’s a super awesome look, OC approved) until it was time to take Grandma Honey back to the airport.

I found this driving home:

Apparently being a cheerleader is VERY exhausting!


Just In Time

4 lolly gagging shakeout miles
4.5 biking miles

Foolish Day Before Race Strides

As this posts, I’m likely in the middle of the iTryathlon.  This means I’ve finally succumbed to the difficult decision:

  • Wear one piece training suit that poorly fits my freakishly long, awkward, gangly torso for the entire race.  I mean do I really want a 10.1 mile wedgie?
  • Wear training two piece that no one wants to cross the finish line in.  Two words: baby skin.
  • Or I opted to wear a plastic garbage bag tied down with duct tape to keep it in place as a viable swimming option.  As I type this, that seems like the most viable option.

Straight from my mother’s FB wall – “How did I raise such a dork?” She got lots of replies.  It seems it’s entirely possible I’m her progeny.

Let it also be noted that not one, not two, but THREE generations are doing their first triathlon (even if it is a sprint) in the same morning together.

My concerns

  • My legs are tired and ridiculously fatigued the last few days.  I don’t know why.  Let’s hope a good night’s sleep gets them back on track.
  • Gravity and I aren’t friends.  I’m known to fall on a flat surface while running on a regularly basis, so I can only imagine what biking with lots of  people on two thin wheels will result in.
  • The lifeguard will mistake my spectacular freestyle for someone drowning and will stop the race to “rescue” me and I’ll get DQ’ed.

    Shock and Horror

    Stay tuned.  It’s almost a certainty something monstrously embarrassing will happen.  Full report soon!

Biting the Bullet

Bike:  14 miles
Swim:  900 meters
Spwimmy Strides

Can I just say I’m digging my new Spwim workouts (I’m going to trademark that)?  Hit the bike, then literally run out to the pool, rinse off, jump in and try to find Nemo. I end my workouts all cardio-ed out and cool and limber.

Skipped my normal post-workout chocolate milk for an iced chai latte and some compression time. Yes my socks are pink. The sky is clearly falling.

Confession:  I’ve been riding about 40-60 miles a week for the last 2-3 weeks but have not gone more than an inch forward.  And I’m doing my first triathlon in a month. 


Yes, I’ve been spinning the crap out of the stationary bike and it’s about time I hit the open road.

Check ‘er out. 33% off MSRP – this mama’s happy.

I’ve had my ol’ Walmart Schwinn I got at a garage sale for years and it needed new tires & tubes.  I’d pay more than the bike was worth.  So after spending over a month complaining about how expensive bikes are and thinking about how many race entries and fro yo I could buy with that money, I finally relented hunted down a good deal.  So yes, I got myself some new wheels.

It’s a road bike with a flat bar which I know is not a typical tri-bike.  But let’s face it, I needed to be a little upright because I’ll spend far more time turned behind me yelling coaxing my children to “STAY TO THE RIGHT!” on the local bike paths.

Beyond actually being able to not ride a 20 inch boys BMX bike for the triathlon (which was seriously my best option until today), this is actually great because I miss bike rides with the boys.  So it gives us yet another active option for quality time spent.  Since we’re clearly the sedentary type of family.

I’ve Created A Monster….

(actually several) And I love it!

Workout:  10 miles on the bike & 20 minutes of 50M sprints in the pool

Remember my super awesome Mumsie Poo?  The one who got her behind in gear to run her first 5k since I was in high school and who I dragged into doing the iTryAthlon with me when she flies to Cali from Chi-Town in July?

My Momma’s so cool she doesn’t even smile for photographs. Say *cheese* to my sister too!

So I get a call from her that goes something like this:

Mom:  Hey, guess what I was out to eat and saw a flyer for this 5k so I grabbed a signup and am doing it this weekend.

Oh. my. stars.  She’s officially a runner now folks – spontaneously signing up for races since she’s trained up and doing them for fun, not for torture.

*wipes a tear*

My Mama’s all growed up. (at least as a runner, let’s not get too carried away)


And thanks to SkinnyRunner and Tricia Minnick I keep reading about the Zooma Great Lakes race.  And I pine…and languish…and wish airfare from Cali to the Midwest was far cheaper.  Because, hello my mom and I have had some good times in Lake Geneva.

And by good I mean crappy teenage attitude and sulking by the beach because I didn’t see my friends, the time I decided it was a good idea to jump off a boat into the lake (while I had a cast on my foot), and her finding my underage sister pretty tipsy for the first time (sorry sis).  Place is jam packed full of memories people.

Over the last few days I realize I have created several other little monsters….

Yesterday I came upstairs to find my children had turned my living room into the gym.  As I type this, they’re back at it doing push ups on the ol’ yoga mat, lifting weights and rolling out their legs with The Stick.

I think I should call 24 Hour Fitness and cancel my membership with these studs to train with!

They grow up so fast these days….facial hair at 7!

And I also passed the snark onto Strawberry who engaged me in the following conversation yesterday.

I hear Strawberry getting bossy...
Me:  Stop bossing your brothers around, I waited my entire life to have kids so I could boss someone else around.  Stop doing my job.

Strawberry:  *deadpan* Go ahead mom, sprinkle my life with joy by bossing me around every minute of every day.  *turns out his heels and disappears*

Any races you’re wishing you could run? 

Pining for anything in your life these days?

On Michael Phelps

So the no-run ban is actually going slightly better than I thought.

First of all – Mumsie Dear and I decided to TRI something new.

I got 30 miles of “stuff” in last week through biking, swimming, & roller blading.

Now I swim all of the time…but more like, “chase the kids under the water” and “treading water while I make sure no one drowns” kind of swimming.  Not, “hey let’s jump in the pool and swim for a long, fast time”.

He makes this face after winning a race. I make this face about 835 times a day when I have to yell at my kids. Okay, maybe only 326 times.

I’m swimming because

A:  It’s a good workout
B:  It makes my hip/groin feel so much better
C:  I kind of have to “perform” at the end of July.

But I’m not exactly falling in love with it.  I mean, I’m in a pool that’s usually kind of dirty.  I’m attempting to not gulp down water that who knows how many people have peed in.  I have to go to the gym (more on that later this week).  I can only listen to my own bubbles for about 20 minutes before I start going stir crazy.  You can’t feel your sweat (weird, I know).

So I am trying to get motivated.  Naturally I started thinking about Michael Phelps since during the last Olympics I had 3 year-old who was OBSESSED with him.

So the comparison between Michael Phelps and myself:

Will I ever love swimming?  Probably not.  Do I know I need to do it sometimes.  Absolutely.

So I shall swim.

A Widd-el Perspective

Swimming, Blading, Biking, etc.
More to Come Strides

I love Chocolate’s speech.  He’s 5 and still says “widd-el” instead of little.  It makes all these feelings of joy and cuteness bubble up inside my widd-el hawt.

This is typical Vanilla – 80% of the time he’s a little carefree spirit.

The other day I was watching Vanilla play in the pool.  He walked right up to the edge and slipped into the water straight as a pencil with a quiet splash.  He slowly sank to the bottom leaving a trail of bubbles behind him.  After his too long hair popped up first, followed by his face glistening in the sun he carelessly rolled onto his back and floated with a buoyancy that only a 5 year-old boy without a care can have.

And for a moment, my heart and face were filled with a reflexive, instinctive love manifested in a smile and chuckle.  I momentarily contemplated how in the world I could have lived or breathed without this feeling in my life for 23 years.  How did I not know that my days were devoid of the best 3 things that ever happened to me.

“MOM, Someone took my kick board and isn’t sharing and it’s not fair!!!!”

This screechily screamed sentence interrupted my little moment and brought me back to reality.  While my love for my kids is unending – if I lived every moment in that perpetual love and maternal bliss, I wouldn’t appreciate those quiet, overwhelming, uncontrollable moments of joy.

In the same way, I’m trying to remember to have some perspective.

Being injured sucks.  I was told 2-3 weeks off of running…kind of blows.  But, that said, I’m trying to allow this time to get me back some perspective about the joy of running.

Truth be told, I was a little burned out post-marathon – so maybe this is just what I needed.  I’m now missing running…really craving it and it’s only been 2 weeks since I’ve done a longer run.

Oh yeah, and remember my post about my mom?  Yeah, she’s visiting in July and we decided to TRI something different.

My mumsie dear and bambinos last summer at the Taste of Chicago

You see she and I are going to do the Irvine iTryAthlon at the end of July.  It’s a Sprint Tri – so it’s short:  3 Mile Run | 9 Mile Bike | 200 Meter Swim.

Fun fact:  Strawberry wants to participate in the kids race, so it’s looking like 3 generations in 1 race. 

I can work on riding my bike and swimming for my recovery and by the end of July, 3 miles should will be no problem.