True Confession Thursday: ‘Cause I Win!

4 miles
The literal 30 minute run
Speedy, Rain Dodging, Between Meetings, Lunchtime, Gotta Get it In Strides

If you’ve been around this neck of the woods long enough, you know I am incredibly mature and refined in my movie selection choices which is precisely why I quote Adam Sandler on a regular basis.  You also know that I like winning:  running events (okay so I like TRYING to win those, never getting the big #1), winning raffles (once again, never win, but A for effort), even a quick race up the stairs.  I’ll take a win any way I can.

And since I live in a house full of boys under the age of 8, this Adam Sandler clip (slightly doctored) is pretty much an example of what ‘winning’ looks like in my life.

With my little babes around, I feel like I’m always losing.  This was especially true when I stumbled across this one evening this week.

Yep- No Girls Allowed.  Then one of my kids got smart and made a new one:

“No girls allowed excipt the cleaning lady”

Guess a boy likes his clean sheets.

It felt like three little boys simultaneously having an “I Win!” moment right in my face.  And I loved the challenge.

A little while later, three hungry amigos came traipsing to the kitchen for snacks only to find this little gem I drew.

‘Cause you know what?????



The No Drama Mama

3ish miles??
30 minute run
Watch Free Strides

Sometimes, a girl just needs a change of pace.  So when I headed out for my run this morning I ditched the GPS and tunes.

I love my GPS.

I love hearing that stern but sexy voice whispering sweet somethings about how far and fast I’m running into my ear as I pound the pavement.

“Distance three and a half miles.  Pace eight minutes and twelve seconds.”

If I could envision the voice of this spunky robot, but often I imagine she looks like this when I’m running too slow.

If I could program these things I would make it sound angrier the slower I run.  I’d even allow for users to type phrases she would repeat during the run.

“That’s only a donut burned lazy.  Keep ‘er going.”

“9 more miles until a bagel.”

“Honey, can you say MARATHON in two months, pick up your feet and quit your mental whining, these headphones are in your ears and I can hear everything you think.”

“Did you just pee a little?  Seriously, again Sheila?”

It’s no secret that I have a little issue with this thing called control.  So knowing exactly how far I’m running and how fast just makes me happy sane.  So typically I like adding that little GPS voice to the others in my head.

But sometimes, it’s nice to just unplug and not know how far I’m going.

While the rest of my day was mostly sunshine and roses coming out my…uhhh…dupa I will share the conversation that happened after I got home from work.

I noticed one of the kinders was a little “off” so I sat down on the couch and asked what was up.  Immediately the floodgate of tears was unleashed and the following ensued:

This isn’t from today, but is pretty representative of the scene…except this time I was actually trying to console, not document the drama-tastic tantrum

Child:  Buuut, and then…it’s just so hard! [slow, steady sobs]  They just go bam! bam! bam!  and I just can’t and it’s just challenging.  [moderate sobs] No one understands me.  No one gets it.  It’s so important and….[wailing commences]…I just can’t control it, you know what I mean [more sobs]

Me:  Uhh kiddo, what exactly are we talking about?  [ready to call the Principal with visions of him getting the living tarnation kicked out of him floating through my head]

Child:  [gasping for breath through sobs] Kickball.

It’s really tough to be 5 and a half.

What would you like your GPS to yell at you?
Do you ever unplug on your runs?  

Are you a distance obsessed snot like me?
What’s the best run you’ve had lately?

True Confession Thursday: The 2 Minute Post

4 miles
30ish minutes – Unplugged so I don’t know
Silent, Beautiful Strides

This week’s been insane and I literally have 2 minutes to type my True Confession Thursday.  I have some vlog bits from the past week, but no time to put ’em together so here’s the 2 minute confession of the morning.

Love my Strawberry!

This morning Strawberry was trying to figure out my middle name so we were playing a guessing game of where he could find it.  [Answer:  My driver’s license]

Me:  It’s something I use every day.

Strawberry:  Your running clothes

Me:  It’s something I am always looking for around the house.

Strawberry:  Your foam roller.

Me:  It’s something if I forget, you scream, “Illegal!  Illegal!”

Strawberry:  [super confused} Running?

Methinks my identity is unidimensional in his little world.