On Why Swimming Hates Me

This week I’ve gotten in a more “typical” mileage pounding the pavement….but I’ve also been TRYing to get ready for the iTRYathlon here next month and so I finally mustered up the cajones to not just go tread water, but actually swim.

So this was happening this weekend.

So this was happening this weekend.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with the pool that involves a lot more hate than love.

What I Love:
I love that swimming provides a great full-body workout and when everything seems “off” I can workout and my starting to get creakier joints all fall back into place.  Oh yeah, and it’s good for me.

And that’s pretty much where the love ends.

But it’s So Hard:
So you know that moment when you’re at the pool and you’re watching a kid “swim” and are pretty convinced they’re drowning?  You send a worried look over to an adoring parent who watches beaming and you wonder wtf is going on?  The parent reassures you, “Oh no, they are just learning…they’re really okay,” and 10 minutes later the kid triumphantly emerges from their 7 meters of swimming?

Yeah that’s me.

Or at least that’s what it feels like.

Found this gem from my mom's FB wall - clearly swimming doesn't suit me well.

Found this gem from my mom’s FB wall – clearly swimming doesn’t suit me well.

The other day, I was genuinely enjoying swimming at the pool.  Okay I was struggling to focus on counting the laps on what I hoped was a 3000m swim (it’s so hard!).  About 12 laps in I noticed a man in the lane next to me waiting until I hit the wall then going under water and watching me swim.  A few laps later I started feeling someone touch my toes.

I thought I was surely imaging it so I waited for about 90 seconds on the wall to see if he’d go ahead of me.

No dice.

The second I pushed off from the wall I turned to find him watching me under water.

I came back and waited 5 minutes this time just to confirm my suspicions.  Sure enough he waited until the second I went under water and I turned back to see him standing (uh it’s a pool super creepy dude, you should be swimming, not standing there) under water watching me swim by then following behind me watching my butt the entire time.

Um…..uber creepy and totally violating.

I confronted the man who denied it, left the gym with a towel around my waist, sans the shower or proper cool down, and let the manager know how inappropriate it was.

So even when I really, really try to like swimming, it slaps me in the face and tries to make me hate it.  *le sigh*  That said, I need to keep it up and at least hit the pool a few more times before the iTry at the end of August.

What’s your best/worst swimming experience?

Are you a swimming lover or hater?


On Michael Phelps

So the no-run ban is actually going slightly better than I thought.

First of all – Mumsie Dear and I decided to TRI something new.

I got 30 miles of “stuff” in last week through biking, swimming, & roller blading.

Now I swim all of the time…but more like, “chase the kids under the water” and “treading water while I make sure no one drowns” kind of swimming.  Not, “hey let’s jump in the pool and swim for a long, fast time”.

He makes this face after winning a race. I make this face about 835 times a day when I have to yell at my kids. Okay, maybe only 326 times.

I’m swimming because

A:  It’s a good workout
B:  It makes my hip/groin feel so much better
C:  I kind of have to “perform” at the end of July.

But I’m not exactly falling in love with it.  I mean, I’m in a pool that’s usually kind of dirty.  I’m attempting to not gulp down water that who knows how many people have peed in.  I have to go to the gym (more on that later this week).  I can only listen to my own bubbles for about 20 minutes before I start going stir crazy.  You can’t feel your sweat (weird, I know).

So I am trying to get motivated.  Naturally I started thinking about Michael Phelps since during the last Olympics I had 3 year-old who was OBSESSED with him.

So the comparison between Michael Phelps and myself:

Will I ever love swimming?  Probably not.  Do I know I need to do it sometimes.  Absolutely.

So I shall swim.