Biting the Bullet

Bike:  14 miles
Swim:  900 meters
Spwimmy Strides

Can I just say I’m digging my new Spwim workouts (I’m going to trademark that)?  Hit the bike, then literally run out to the pool, rinse off, jump in and try to find Nemo. I end my workouts all cardio-ed out and cool and limber.

Skipped my normal post-workout chocolate milk for an iced chai latte and some compression time. Yes my socks are pink. The sky is clearly falling.

Confession:  I’ve been riding about 40-60 miles a week for the last 2-3 weeks but have not gone more than an inch forward.  And I’m doing my first triathlon in a month. 


Yes, I’ve been spinning the crap out of the stationary bike and it’s about time I hit the open road.

Check ‘er out. 33% off MSRP – this mama’s happy.

I’ve had my ol’ Walmart Schwinn I got at a garage sale for years and it needed new tires & tubes.  I’d pay more than the bike was worth.  So after spending over a month complaining about how expensive bikes are and thinking about how many race entries and fro yo I could buy with that money, I finally relented hunted down a good deal.  So yes, I got myself some new wheels.

It’s a road bike with a flat bar which I know is not a typical tri-bike.  But let’s face it, I needed to be a little upright because I’ll spend far more time turned behind me yelling coaxing my children to “STAY TO THE RIGHT!” on the local bike paths.

Beyond actually being able to not ride a 20 inch boys BMX bike for the triathlon (which was seriously my best option until today), this is actually great because I miss bike rides with the boys.  So it gives us yet another active option for quality time spent.  Since we’re clearly the sedentary type of family.