Have Your [cup] Cake and Eat it Too

4 miles [Thursday]

40 minutes Stairmaster
1 hour class (with SR)
Early Morning Strides

As I told you about, Wednesday was the super fabulous Road Runner Sports Girls Night Out at their Laguna Hills location.

See, they promised and delivered.

I met up with Heather, Tiffany and Sarah.

Heather, Tiffany and Sarah…but most importantly, the bubbly.

The evening was everything they promised it would be and more.  They promised cupcakes and champagne, which were plentiful.  Good thing Tiffany is currently clean eating because that meant more champagne and cupcakes for me.  Yes that was cupcakes plural as in more than a couple.  Whoops!

I mean, I’d hate to see them go to waste.

Turns out there was a good crowd, we even had supermodels in our presence.

Keepin’ it classy

You see, we Midwest girls have got to stick together and show Cali just how to put on your #classypants from time to time.  Nice work Sarah!  I think I’m going to run Long Beach with my underwear on top of my shorts next weekend.

And of course, my promise that anyone who comes to come with me to any such event where prizes are handed out is guaranteed a win held true.  Tiffany scored some major loot:  free massage, and a full Road Runner outfit.

We decided it’s because of my lucky “fur” – which is what my sons like to call the hair on my arms.  They give me lots of super self-esteem boosting commentary like this and “You’re dupa [Polish for butt] shake-ah’s” on a regular basis.

Me, I got lots of calories and snagged a free Adidas headband.

Yep, there she is…all the laser lemon love.

Unfortunately I had to bail on the event a little early because of a family emergency, which was a real bummer.  Every time I go to one of these events I feel like I see everyone I know, but the convos were cut short to be there for the fam.

This whole posts begs me to ask the question…

Have you ever met friends online?

I know, kind of creepy…but seriously, I’ve met some fabulous running ladies through blogging.  Way back in the day I started a book club from a parenting website as well.

So…do tell me your online friend stories.  I’d love to hear them!


It’s the Little Things

4 miles on the Dreadmill
Super Creative Strides

If you haven’t noticed already, things are a bit crazy in the Land o’ Striding Mom lately.  I’ll fill you in later, but it’s mostly back to school, work, kids and lots of other fun changes.  I’m having to re-prioritize, readjust and get a new perspective on some things.

But until my little world stops spinning enough for me to capture and articulate my thoughts, let me just say there are two little things that are getting me excited.


8 months ago I was swearing off ever running a full marathon.  EVER.  It was crazy talk.  Then after smashing my half PR with the flu in February, I decided I was 2/3rds of the way through full marathon training and thought I’d give it a go.

9 weeks later I found a BQ in my pocket and the other hand giving a peace sign.  I think that’s how Alanis would sing it.

Actually, I looked more like this:

I can’t believe I’m posting this…but total and complete raw emotion. Completely undone…I think we’ve all been there at some point!

If you think the picture is super awkward, maybe someday I’ll muster up the cajones to show you the video.  It’s kinda ridiculous.  It’s like some super-emotional pre-teen meeting Justin Bieber for the first time took over my body.

I never thought I’d run a marathon.  I repeatedly told myself (and others) I’d never in my wildest dreams be able to run Boston and now I’m going.  So that’s kinda fun.

Secondly, I saw this notice on Facebook reminding me that this Wednesday is going to be super fun.

I wrote all about this event here.  But if you want to meet up with myself and these two fabulous bloggers (Tiffany and Sarah)…come join us for fun, cocktails and cupcakes.   And yes I stole these pretty pics from their blogs.

As an added bonus, since this is a non-running event, there’s an 80% chance I’ll shower and a 60% chance I’ll wear something other than dry-wick or spandex.  

How was your weekend? 
Tell me stories. 
How do you handle massive change other than a nice wallet?