Just In Time

4 lolly gagging shakeout miles
4.5 biking miles

Foolish Day Before Race Strides

As this posts, I’m likely in the middle of the iTryathlon.  This means I’ve finally succumbed to the difficult decision:

  • Wear one piece training suit that poorly fits my freakishly long, awkward, gangly torso for the entire race.  I mean do I really want a 10.1 mile wedgie?
  • Wear training two piece that no one wants to cross the finish line in.  Two words: baby skin.
  • Or I opted to wear a plastic garbage bag tied down with duct tape to keep it in place as a viable swimming option.  As I type this, that seems like the most viable option.

Straight from my mother’s FB wall – “How did I raise such a dork?” She got lots of replies.  It seems it’s entirely possible I’m her progeny.

Let it also be noted that not one, not two, but THREE generations are doing their first triathlon (even if it is a sprint) in the same morning together.

My concerns

  • My legs are tired and ridiculously fatigued the last few days.  I don’t know why.  Let’s hope a good night’s sleep gets them back on track.
  • Gravity and I aren’t friends.  I’m known to fall on a flat surface while running on a regularly basis, so I can only imagine what biking with lots of  people on two thin wheels will result in.
  • The lifeguard will mistake my spectacular freestyle for someone drowning and will stop the race to “rescue” me and I’ll get DQ’ed.

    Shock and Horror

    Stay tuned.  It’s almost a certainty something monstrously embarrassing will happen.  Full report soon!