A Widd-el Perspective

Swimming, Blading, Biking, etc.
More to Come Strides

I love Chocolate’s speech.  He’s 5 and still says “widd-el” instead of little.  It makes all these feelings of joy and cuteness bubble up inside my widd-el hawt.

This is typical Vanilla – 80% of the time he’s a little carefree spirit.

The other day I was watching Vanilla play in the pool.  He walked right up to the edge and slipped into the water straight as a pencil with a quiet splash.  He slowly sank to the bottom leaving a trail of bubbles behind him.  After his too long hair popped up first, followed by his face glistening in the sun he carelessly rolled onto his back and floated with a buoyancy that only a 5 year-old boy without a care can have.

And for a moment, my heart and face were filled with a reflexive, instinctive love manifested in a smile and chuckle.  I momentarily contemplated how in the world I could have lived or breathed without this feeling in my life for 23 years.  How did I not know that my days were devoid of the best 3 things that ever happened to me.

“MOM, Someone took my kick board and isn’t sharing and it’s not fair!!!!”

This screechily screamed sentence interrupted my little moment and brought me back to reality.  While my love for my kids is unending – if I lived every moment in that perpetual love and maternal bliss, I wouldn’t appreciate those quiet, overwhelming, uncontrollable moments of joy.

In the same way, I’m trying to remember to have some perspective.

Being injured sucks.  I was told 2-3 weeks off of running…kind of blows.  But, that said, I’m trying to allow this time to get me back some perspective about the joy of running.

Truth be told, I was a little burned out post-marathon – so maybe this is just what I needed.  I’m now missing running…really craving it and it’s only been 2 weeks since I’ve done a longer run.

Oh yeah, and remember my post about my mom?  Yeah, she’s visiting in July and we decided to TRI something different.

My mumsie dear and bambinos last summer at the Taste of Chicago

You see she and I are going to do the Irvine iTryAthlon at the end of July.  It’s a Sprint Tri – so it’s short:  3 Mile Run | 9 Mile Bike | 200 Meter Swim.

Fun fact:  Strawberry wants to participate in the kids race, so it’s looking like 3 generations in 1 race. 

I can work on riding my bike and swimming for my recovery and by the end of July, 3 miles should will be no problem.