When Did I Become a Soccer Mom?

Today was a rest day, though I did get a mild bit o’ sweat on with a few ladies.  After a mimosa fueled marathon watching party, a few of us decided to see just how hard race walking is.

Photo courtesy of Sarah. Find it here

Turns out it’s a bit harder than we anticipated.

Clearly we have so much in common – like we both breathe air. Source

As August is clearly here to stay, I’m forced to face fall-  soccer season is starting.  And it turns out that I’m a volunteer and have not 1, not 2, but 3 kids in soccer.

Which begs the question.

When did I become a soccer mom?

Let me begin this by saying that I’m not your typical soccer mom.  I don’t wear those buttons with your kid on it, I don’t spend hours putting together spectacular little bags of stuff for the kids, and I let the referees do their job instead of screaming at them..most of the time.

But I do provide some fun, on the field support.

It might look like I’m playing, but I’m mostly getting my butt kicked by 48 inch munchkins.

And I provide some on-field discipline.  I wish it weren’t true, but I was really trying to pick his nose.  Seriously.  He was being a total pest and I told him if he didn’t stop I’d pick his nose.  And good parenting is all consistency, so I had to follow through.

Nose picking = maternal love

But mostly I’m there for comic relief.  I’m not kidding.  Some kid kicked me in the crotch with his cleats and a friend happened to catch this gem of a shot.

I have to say, this look works for me, no?

Actually the most significant part of soccer season comes the tweaks and adjusting in training/racing.  Longer runs have to be scheduled in the wee hours of the morning before games and my kids end up a little more tired so they don’t want to put in as many miles with me so I have to get more creative bribe them more.

I am also that mom who runs to her kids’ games so I sit there sweaty, smelling and disgusting.  Or at least that’s the reason I tell myself the flies buzz around while game watching.  I clearly know how to win friends and influence people in the best way possible.

That and with each passing year I have to admit I’m not 22 anymore, which seems hard to believe.

What’s your biggest challenge in managing life’s priorities with fitness?
Any tips or tricks?


From Juggling to Struggling

Miles: 3.81
Minutes: 29.27
Blah Recovery Strides (seriously still…)

Lay It Down Indeed!

About 6 months ago I saw this super awesome bracelet on a different blog.  I. had. to. have. it. (purchase/look here)

Lay It Down.

It’s so simple and it has double meaning for me.  I bought it knowing this.

Lay it  Down – A message appealing to my faith – when the stresses of the day and life in general can build I need to I lay ’em down and let ’em go.  It’s out of my hands.

Lay it Down – For the athlete in me, I remember to lay the heck of the smack down when I’m laced up out on the trails, streets, etc.  I don’t need to take anything back with me.

And let’s face it, it’s a good reminder because …my personal life has been a little rough as of late.

Let me paint you a pretty little word picture of a 15 minute snippit from yesterday.

4:40pm:  Picture StridingMom sitting on a piece of dirty cutout carpet salvage in the middle of the garage.  I’ve got my laptop on the ground, my ear buds in my ears and am participating in a conference call.  NBD right?

Except that overhead the carpet cleaners are finishing my house.  And oh yeah, they’re almost finished but hanging out waiting for a few fans to dry, so one of them is teaching Chocolate how to do tricks on the skateboard and I can do pretty much absolutely nothing since I am on a teleconference.    (On a total sidenote if you’re in the OC and need a carpet cleaner , check these guys out, they’re FABULOUS and worth every penny)

The other two bambinos are running around torturing the poor 80-year old HOA president by playing kick ball within 10 feet of his ladder.  Perfect.  I’m literally hoping and praying no one starts screaming, yelling or kicking a ball my direction.

About 10 minutes into this fiasco I now need to manage 10 different conversations at once as Strawberry’s guitar teacher shows up for lessons- which would have to be in the garage because the carpets had just been cleaned.  Classy, super classy.

I had this moment where I went from juggling to struggling.  And honestly it’s felt a lot like that lately.

My babies showin’ me the love!  Methinks they may have a future in floral design.

So today, while very much of the same juggling/struggling act, I am trying to have a much better approach.  My kids got in the “Mother’s Day” kick early and made me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and 30 (sorry beautiful trees, they killed you but warmed my heart) beautiful drawings.  I’m not sure which was the better gift the fact that they said, “it was a sign of love and respect” (what?!?) or that they cooperated and coordinated without fighting for over an hour (what what?!?!).  It’s a Mother’s Day Miracle.

Hair brushed – check. Noticeable lack of wicking fabric – check.

After yesterday’s tirade rendering me a dirty woman and loosening any small amount of respect you had about my ability to practice basic hygiene, I turned over a new leaf.  I actually showered, brushed my hair AND wore real clothes to attend a mother’s day teaat Vanilla’s school.  Super presh.

And that’s exactly what I had to do today – I let go of my worries and laid it down on the trail and am left feeling so much better.  I got my juggling game back and let the struggling go.

Lay it down, peeps.  Lay it down.