The Good, The Bad and the Fugly

15 miles on the bike
1/2 mile swim
1:02 total
Serious Lack o’ Strides

So I had another nice little visit with Dr. Scott – Active Release Technique Artist & Saddist Extraordinaire.

We had a nice little chat during my appointment.  And by chat I mean, a somewhat normal conversation laced with yelps and me biting my hand using everything in my power to not drop the F-bomb like snowflakes in Chicago in winter.  Our conversation:

Dr. Scott:  Have I bruised you yet at any of your appointments?
Me:  Nope (through clenched teeth)
Dr. Scott:  Well today’s the day.

Here’s a little racing gem. True story, I remember finishing the race and thinking I had to look like a total bad ass in the pictures. Instead my pain shows. I probably made this face for most of my appointment with Dr. Scott.

Actually, as painful as it can be, I’m a HUGE Active Release Technique (ART) fan.  That stuff works.

The Good:  Contrary to those googling me, I am not naughty and have been really good for the last month.  I have stuck to the Dr’s orders to a tee (this is new for me!) and am definitely on the road to recovery.

We discussed that with SUPER warmups (like I should be dripping sweat before I’m running anything over a 8:30 min mile) and easing into things so I can gradually start increasing my distance.  Big win!

The Bad:  I’m still needing more time to recover.  We discussed my biggest problem right now:  Speed kills.  It’s not the long, slow runs that are aggravating my adductor insertion (or whatever the heck is making my crotch/groin hurt), but it’s the actual speed work, track running, etc. that’s doing the most damage.

The Fugly:  His words- “I think you can hit the track and do speed work again in August or September.”


The man’s got a point though.  I’d like to actually not face a major injury and squelch this killer inflammation in my adductor.  Speed work aggravates the crap out of it.

You see the woman to my left? She’s seen the best and worst in my for over 30 years and STILL calls me several times a day. And the dude on the left – my biggest cheerleader.

He seems to think an October half is reasonable – so we shall see.  I’m still eying the Zooma Great Lakes race so I can spend some time with Mumsie Dear (yes when my phone rings that’s what shows up with an angry face)…but it’s so hard to justify the cost of airfare from the Left Coast, travel from Chi-town, and race costs.

I love my family, I love running, and I love doing special things with my mom…but yeesh – a girl only has so much pocket change laying around.

Back to the topic at hand – injury recovery.  I’ve actually learned a few things during this hiatus.

-The bike is your friend.  I raced this weekend without any real training in a month – no traditional speed work, sprints, or even tempo runs.   But I have had an intimate relationship with whatever bike happens my way.  And I’m not talking all So Cal beach cruiser style either.  I’m talking straight up hills, high intensity, sweat beading on my wrist, crazy intense biking.  It’s actually kept my endurance up surprisingly better than I ever could have anticipated.

My race wasn’t stellar but it wasn’t abysmal either.

-Taking the plunge.  I wasn’t a huge fan of swimming (read here).  But it’s getting a little better.  Some days I’ll even accidentally say I like it.  Don’t worry, I correct myself really fast afterward.

-Readjusting goals is not failure.  I’m having to shift my goals and expectations a bit with this news.  The fact of the matter is, I don’t want to be entirely sidelined for months from doing anything.  Right now, I’ve got a pretty sweet (albeit it not perfect) workout thing going on.

So I’ve had to let go of some of the longer races I wanted to run this fall season.  I likely won’t be shaving any major time of my PR’s in the foreseeable future without speed work.   And I’ll be hanging out in the pool and on the bike longer than I want.  And that’s not a failure – it’s just my reality.

Funny, before kids I don’t think I would have handled that lesson quite as gracefully, but they’ve taught me to adapt.  Oh and to yell really loud.  But mostly adapt.


Check Her Out

Look who’s running 5k’s and taking names?

Congrats Mumsie Dear on completing your 2nd 5k this month and for doing it spontaneously.

Left – Jodi (my mom’s friend) and my Mom

She convinced her victim friend Jodi to run this uber humid morning and knock the Smiles for Bob 5k out of the park – and supported a great cause.

Next up – iTryathlon July 28th in the far less humid SoCal venue.

I’ve Created A Monster….

(actually several) And I love it!

Workout:  10 miles on the bike & 20 minutes of 50M sprints in the pool

Remember my super awesome Mumsie Poo?  The one who got her behind in gear to run her first 5k since I was in high school and who I dragged into doing the iTryAthlon with me when she flies to Cali from Chi-Town in July?

My Momma’s so cool she doesn’t even smile for photographs. Say *cheese* to my sister too!

So I get a call from her that goes something like this:

Mom:  Hey, guess what I was out to eat and saw a flyer for this 5k so I grabbed a signup and am doing it this weekend.

Oh. my. stars.  She’s officially a runner now folks – spontaneously signing up for races since she’s trained up and doing them for fun, not for torture.

*wipes a tear*

My Mama’s all growed up. (at least as a runner, let’s not get too carried away)


And thanks to SkinnyRunner and Tricia Minnick I keep reading about the Zooma Great Lakes race.  And I pine…and languish…and wish airfare from Cali to the Midwest was far cheaper.  Because, hello my mom and I have had some good times in Lake Geneva.

And by good I mean crappy teenage attitude and sulking by the beach because I didn’t see my friends, the time I decided it was a good idea to jump off a boat into the lake (while I had a cast on my foot), and her finding my underage sister pretty tipsy for the first time (sorry sis).  Place is jam packed full of memories people.

Over the last few days I realize I have created several other little monsters….

Yesterday I came upstairs to find my children had turned my living room into the gym.  As I type this, they’re back at it doing push ups on the ol’ yoga mat, lifting weights and rolling out their legs with The Stick.

I think I should call 24 Hour Fitness and cancel my membership with these studs to train with!

They grow up so fast these days….facial hair at 7!

And I also passed the snark onto Strawberry who engaged me in the following conversation yesterday.

I hear Strawberry getting bossy...
Me:  Stop bossing your brothers around, I waited my entire life to have kids so I could boss someone else around.  Stop doing my job.

Strawberry:  *deadpan* Go ahead mom, sprinkle my life with joy by bossing me around every minute of every day.  *turns out his heels and disappears*

Any races you’re wishing you could run? 

Pining for anything in your life these days?

A Widd-el Perspective

Swimming, Blading, Biking, etc.
More to Come Strides

I love Chocolate’s speech.  He’s 5 and still says “widd-el” instead of little.  It makes all these feelings of joy and cuteness bubble up inside my widd-el hawt.

This is typical Vanilla – 80% of the time he’s a little carefree spirit.

The other day I was watching Vanilla play in the pool.  He walked right up to the edge and slipped into the water straight as a pencil with a quiet splash.  He slowly sank to the bottom leaving a trail of bubbles behind him.  After his too long hair popped up first, followed by his face glistening in the sun he carelessly rolled onto his back and floated with a buoyancy that only a 5 year-old boy without a care can have.

And for a moment, my heart and face were filled with a reflexive, instinctive love manifested in a smile and chuckle.  I momentarily contemplated how in the world I could have lived or breathed without this feeling in my life for 23 years.  How did I not know that my days were devoid of the best 3 things that ever happened to me.

“MOM, Someone took my kick board and isn’t sharing and it’s not fair!!!!”

This screechily screamed sentence interrupted my little moment and brought me back to reality.  While my love for my kids is unending – if I lived every moment in that perpetual love and maternal bliss, I wouldn’t appreciate those quiet, overwhelming, uncontrollable moments of joy.

In the same way, I’m trying to remember to have some perspective.

Being injured sucks.  I was told 2-3 weeks off of running…kind of blows.  But, that said, I’m trying to allow this time to get me back some perspective about the joy of running.

Truth be told, I was a little burned out post-marathon – so maybe this is just what I needed.  I’m now missing running…really craving it and it’s only been 2 weeks since I’ve done a longer run.

Oh yeah, and remember my post about my mom?  Yeah, she’s visiting in July and we decided to TRI something different.

My mumsie dear and bambinos last summer at the Taste of Chicago

You see she and I are going to do the Irvine iTryAthlon at the end of July.  It’s a Sprint Tri – so it’s short:  3 Mile Run | 9 Mile Bike | 200 Meter Swim.

Fun fact:  Strawberry wants to participate in the kids race, so it’s looking like 3 generations in 1 race. 

I can work on riding my bike and swimming for my recovery and by the end of July, 3 miles should will be no problem.

Run like a grandmother?

A few years and a foot of hair ago...

This is my mom…

She’s pretty cool, and in all likelihood will kill me for post this…but what’s she going to do, ground me?

She and I engaged in an email conversation yesterday that I thought warranted a share.

Mom:  Think I can do a 5k by June 2?

Me:  I think it’s doable.

Mom:  I’m biting the bullet and registering.

Me:  Do it!  Do it!  Yay

Mom:  I have committed.

                                                       Me:  You have or you are?

                                                        Mom:  Both.

                                                      Me:  What does that make me?

                                                   Mom:  Certifiable.

So there you have it.  My mother…amazing because

  1. She raised me and lived to tell the tale.
  2. She has 6 grandkids…rock on!
  3.  She’s running a 5k for the first time in about 15 years.

Post a comment to cheer her on 🙂  I’ll be sure to send them her way!