I’ve Created A Monster….

(actually several) And I love it!

Workout:  10 miles on the bike & 20 minutes of 50M sprints in the pool

Remember my super awesome Mumsie Poo?  The one who got her behind in gear to run her first 5k since I was in high school and who I dragged into doing the iTryAthlon with me when she flies to Cali from Chi-Town in July?

My Momma’s so cool she doesn’t even smile for photographs. Say *cheese* to my sister too!

So I get a call from her that goes something like this:

Mom:  Hey, guess what I was out to eat and saw a flyer for this 5k so I grabbed a signup and am doing it this weekend.

Oh. my. stars.  She’s officially a runner now folks – spontaneously signing up for races since she’s trained up and doing them for fun, not for torture.

*wipes a tear*

My Mama’s all growed up. (at least as a runner, let’s not get too carried away)


And thanks to SkinnyRunner and Tricia Minnick I keep reading about the Zooma Great Lakes race.  And I pine…and languish…and wish airfare from Cali to the Midwest was far cheaper.  Because, hello my mom and I have had some good times in Lake Geneva.

And by good I mean crappy teenage attitude and sulking by the beach because I didn’t see my friends, the time I decided it was a good idea to jump off a boat into the lake (while I had a cast on my foot), and her finding my underage sister pretty tipsy for the first time (sorry sis).  Place is jam packed full of memories people.

Over the last few days I realize I have created several other little monsters….

Yesterday I came upstairs to find my children had turned my living room into the gym.  As I type this, they’re back at it doing push ups on the ol’ yoga mat, lifting weights and rolling out their legs with The Stick.

I think I should call 24 Hour Fitness and cancel my membership with these studs to train with!

They grow up so fast these days….facial hair at 7!

And I also passed the snark onto Strawberry who engaged me in the following conversation yesterday.

I hear Strawberry getting bossy...
Me:  Stop bossing your brothers around, I waited my entire life to have kids so I could boss someone else around.  Stop doing my job.

Strawberry:  *deadpan* Go ahead mom, sprinkle my life with joy by bossing me around every minute of every day.  *turns out his heels and disappears*

Any races you’re wishing you could run? 

Pining for anything in your life these days?


Check ‘Er Out

Remember way back when I said my mom was training for her first 5k since I was in high school?

Well she did it this morning folks, and I’m so stinking proud.

A few reasons….

A- She reached beat her goal time by 10 seconds

Run, Honey, Run!

B- She came in 10th of 24 in her age group

Is that the look of victory or what?!

C- She did this in her minimalist shoes 🙂

She said it best, “These shoes were made for running!”

Honey (my kids call her that!), we’re so stinkin’ proud of you.  And I’m even a *little* *lot* jealous you got to spend your Saturday morning running.

Today is a big race day for  people I know and bloggers I read (that’s you Sarah).  And whether it’s a a marathon, 5k or even jogging to the end of the street/park (yes, I’m talking to you) – each step counts, each goal reached matters.  I love hearing the stories, I love seeing the sweat, tears and ice put into each goal.  Keep ’em coming folks.

And on that note, rock on Honey, rock on!  Stay tuned…this woman’s got more goals and I’ll tell you about ’em in the next few days.

Another Mother Runner

So I finally joined the tribe…

Check out my little snippit on “Another Mother Runner”.  If you have never checked out the book, it’s amazing.

Let's keep everything in the porcelain throne shall we?


I absolutely love that website.  Why?  Because it’s a refuge for runners like me.

Runners who get their hip flexor strengthening exercises interrupted by, “Mom, I just went poop and the toilet’s flooding the bathroom.  It’s kinda gross!


Runners who try to bust in a quick yoga sesh after the kids go to bed and they finish that one last late night teleconference only to find that their helpful 5 year old tried to refill the liquid hand soap container, but failed to put the cap back on the 64 ounce bottle and it has currently seeped into every nook, cranny and crevice under the only other functioning bathroom’s sink and floor. (ftr, that is the world’s longest sentence)

And that was just last night.  *le sigh*

How long until I’m done recovering again and get to let loose on my trails?

How’s your week going?
Any advice for cleaning up soap or strengthening those hip flexors?