MIA & The Return

Yes I have gone AWOL.

In the case of Sheila vs. the Jeep Patriot, the Jeep won…and I spent a bunch of the month sidelined.

About the only running I was doing, was a fondant version of me atop my birthday cake.



Now I’m in PT, working on rehabbing the ankle and can run about 3 miles at a time.

On Memorial Day, one of my favorite events is the Renegade Race Series Laguna Hills 5k, 10k and Half Marathon.  Strawberry and I set out for what was supposed to be an enjoyable morning and ended up with me looking like a terror of a mother.  #funtimes

It all started out so well.  Happy faces and port-a-pottie lines.

IMG_6759Strawberry talked of a PR and told me to do what I had to do to get him there.  And then he became me…crabby, out of my mind, irritable, barking orders from the starting corral me.


I asked him to calm down and to just focus on having fun.  He retied his shoes 27 times, adjusted his sock 14 times and declared his hatred for every seam in every piece of his clothing.  I told him to just get ready to have a good time and he muttered something under his breath and got even crabbier.  I asked one more time what he wanted to do about the race and he said, “PR…I can do this.”

So we shot out of the gate and I told him to just follow closely behind me and I’d get him through the twists and turns that are the beginning of the course.  He got mad.  He yelled at me.  I tried to be nice, he got angrier.

I finally pulled him off the course about a mile in and we had a little heart to heart about being nice and calm and just having fun.  When it looked like we were finally on the right foot (pun intended), he went down about 1.5 miles on a corner tripping over a street grate finding himself face first in asphalt.  We pulled it together, but he was officially mentally unglued.

It was a tough finish.  I had to gently encourage him, “Hey kiddo, just 7 more minutes and we’re done….do you want to finish?“,  “Should we walk for a few minutes?” or “Hey, do you just want to walk?” were met with growls, grumbles and “Be quiet Mom”‘s.

But we finished – he PRed (despite two stops) and all was well with the world….or at least it was once I had a cup of coffee.

Sadly I understand his agitation and anger during the race.  Some races I’m just crabby during the event and then after I’m asking when to sign up for the next one.  Runners, we’re a crazy breed.

What was your last race?

Are you a Crab McGab before or during races?



Monday Musings

13ish miles over the weekend
Sentimental Strides

This weekend was one of nostalgia…on Saturday, my “big kids” graduated.  I’ve got my neapolitan crew (little kids), but I also teach at a local University (my big kids), so May is pretty special because I get to see them move onto bigger or better things…or with this economy back into Mom and Dad’s house.

In a world of Sheldons and Leonards I'm always a Wolowitz....

In a world of Sheldons and Leonards I’m always a Wolowitz….

Between that, the picture perfect weather,and still working through the burnout that was the Boston training cycle, I have just been running how far I want, how fast I want…Kind of fartleking my workouts.

No looking at a watch, GPS or anything…just run and check out the details later (wait…you thought I wasn’t tracking it?!?  Hogwash…I’m a runner, of course I’m tracking it, I just don’t have to look at it until later).

Have their been hills?  Yep….lots of ’em.
Have their been steady jogs?  Indeed!
Have their been breathless, pushing it runs?  When I feel like it.

But mostly, I’m just running however feels good at the time.

With a nice base run of about 5 miles 3-4 and 1 longer (8-10 mile) run a week, I’ve been clipping out around 7:15-7:40 paces on most of my runs….perhaps it’s the fabulous scenery….


Dana Point Sunday Morning Run….me and 10,000+ of my closest friends

But mostly it’s because I’m relaxed and just running less mileage (more like 25 miles a week instead of 40…but even my 8.5 mile “long run” on Sunday averaged out around a comfortable 7:30 pace and I didn’t feel like i was pushing it that hard….so let’s go with it.

I know myself and know that if I run the Laguna Hills half marathon on Monday, I’ll probably die a slow painful death, have fun and push it really hard, melt into a puddle of sweat from the heat, push it and get hurt again.

I’m not in half marathon PR shape, and I know it.  I am, however, probably in a really good place to try and stretch myself to run a sub 42 minute 10k.  It will be a stretch, but I really think it’s possible.  So bye bye 1 half a month (though on a technicality, I ran a full in April, so that should count for 2 months, right?) and hello, smart, healthy, fun, unplugged running….

Do you ever run “unplugged”?

What’s next on your race docket?

The Mother Runner

10 Miles
Stochastic Strides

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother runner

Mumsie poo & I!

Mumsie dearest (yes that’s how she’s listed in my phone) and I after the iTryathlon last year

In true mother runner form, she got a 5k in yesterday and I’m so proud of her as she shaved 2 minutes of her time!

IMG_3528For Mother’s Day, I was given a few hours yesterday to work on my killer running tan go do a long run playing in the trails.  I still haven’t had a run where I just felt 100% physically great since the Boston marathon, and yesterday the tides turned.

I set out on the trails to just run based on how I felt.  I was super cautious in the beginning and stayed away from monstrous hills (stuck to the more reasonable ones) and had a really…nice…run.

Most of the time I was thinking about if I want to do the Laguna Hills Half Marathon in 2 weeks.  The script in my mind throughout the run went something like this:

  • Oh this feels nice.  Half marathon for sure.
  • Who tied to weights to my legs at mile 3…Hello 10k, mama’s coming home to ya
  • You’ll be clawing your eyes out watching the halfers finish after a 10k, you know this right?
  • I can probably “race” a much faster 10k
  • Was that 4 consecutive sub-8 mile splits?  Halfsies for sure.
  • I’m so out of shape 10k, indeed
  • Bathroom.  Bathroom.  Bathroom.  
  • Water.  Water.  Water.

The run was mostly uneventful which is exactly how you want them, until 5 when I realized I was 2.5 miles away from the nearest bathroom.  I was really hoping to not have to use the sweaty emergency stash of TP in my pocket, so I ran like the wind to try to get to the bathroom so I didn’t

poo my pance
(Yes, this was an actual search term that led some poor soul to my blog yesterday.)

Luckily I didn’t (poo my pants that is) and chalked up to mid-run speed work and after 10 miles I decided to call it conservative quits for the sake of not pushing it too far given the tweaks and tightness that I’ve been dealing with.  I then recovered the best way possible

Babes at the beach

Babes at the beach

Tell me about your mother runner?  

How did you celebrate your Mother’s Day?