Cool Treats

1750 m swim
Gliding Strides

If you’ve been around StridingMom long for about 2.2 days you probably know I have a little froyo addiction.  It actually manifests itself in anything cold and sweet addiction.  I justify this by saying I need to hydrate.

Let’s face it.  I’m a hydration freak.  I actually have a hand held water bottle, Nathan water belt, & Camelback and use combinations for any of those on any given workout.  (I’ve been known to down 45+ ounces of water on a 20 mile run and STILL want more).

In the spirit of things getting hot, I thought I’d highlight my favorite cool hydration treats for the summer (for the record these are mine, no samples, supplies, or endorsements of any kind…my straight up promotion on these).

#1 – Frozen blueberries:  I literally go to Costco and buy the big bag.  Pour into a cup, serve with a spoon.  Less sugar than sorbet, yet cool and sweet.  A fantastic and healthy dessert option.

My new fave – I eat this at least once a day. It makes for super attractive purple teeth.

#2 – Nuun – extra dirty on the rocks.  Some are Nuun lovers, some are Nuun-so-much.  I’m in the like category.  I have little tubes everywhere.  At the very moment I can tell you have one in my bathroom (what?! I don’t know), one in my car console, one in my gym bag, one in my kitchen, one in the purse I carry about 1 time a week, and one in my overnight bag (a girl’s gotta plan ahead).

Gym bag necessities – deodrant, conditioner, shampoo, lock, earplugs (weird swimming tick) and a pen (?!). Not sure what the pen is for, but it’s there.  Maybe temporary tattoos.

After a really intense workout, I put in 1.5 tabs (extra dirty) on ice.  If you remember, out of a moment of desperation I may have tinkered with Orange Nuun and Shocktop at a street festival after an 11-mile run to said street festival.  Not half bad.

#3 – TJ’s Coconut Water Fruit Floes.  These. are. amazing.  It’s my new fave sweet treat.  They’re made with coconut water so there’s potassium.  There’s coconut cream and natural cane sugar added so it’s not exactly the healthiest option out there, but they sure are yummy!

#4 – Zico Chocolate Coconut Water:  As a mom of busy babes I spend a lot of time at the pool at the summer- like literally every waking moment that I’m not working or working out.  It’s hot and if I’ve worked out, I’m usually drained and about 3 hours in I’m craving chocolate to stave off my crabbiness from refereeing the inevitable fights over goggles and diving sticks.  It hydrates, it refreshes, it does the trick!

#5 – Banana “Ice Cream”:  When my bananas are about to turn and my kids refuse to eat them “because they have freckles”.  Peel, freeze in Ziploc bag.  When you want your “ice cream” you simply put in the blender, wait 5 minutes to start thawing and blend.  It will turn to a fro you like consistency.  If you’re feeling sassy – toss some almonds or a drizzle of chocolate syrup on top.

Frozen bag of bananas currently in the freezer.

100% fruit, 100% natural, 100% good. My kids are none the wiser that it’s literally blended bananas

And when all else fails – I know that Yogurtland is only a quick bike ride away.  Or a margarita – on the rocks naturally.

What’s your favorite summer cool treat?

Any other healthy options out there?


Urban Run

10.34 miles
Stylin’ Strides

So after the last crazy few weeks of work, I realized I needed to get away, unplug, recharge, whatever you want to call it for a few hours before I blew my top yesterday.  I wasn’t quite sure how to do this, but I knew I’d figure out a way.

My cousin…and me bringing sexy back with my compression sleeves.  True story, look above her head and a giant hot dog is pouring ketchup on her…

Here’s the thing – if you were to ask anyone in the entire world who knows me to use my name and the word spontaneous in the same sentence…well…

Basically you’d not get a response because they would be laying on the floor laughing too hard to respond.

So this spontaneous plan was a big stretch.

I got a call from my fabulous cousin (yes I’m talking to you) asking if I wanted to meet up at a festival.  So I spontaneously pulled over in said city and decided to park my car and run 10 miles to the festival (I’d cab it back with them later).

A few things.

A- I am NOT familiar with the ins and outs of this city.

B- Who wants to walk around with me for hours after a 10+ miler in the hot So Cal sun?

C- I was desperate – who cared?

Citrusy Hydration Station

So here’s the low down on my urban run:

  • I got lost.  Like SERIOUSLY lost.  Ended up in the worst part of town watching multiple drug deals kind of lost.  Yes, I saw 3 of them.
  • I found an awesome cheering squad from as surprising population – the homeless.  Lots of cheers, high 5’s and maybe some comments I couldn’t quite (or didn’t want to) understand.
  • I am trying to start a fashion trend by wearing compression sleeves to street festivals.  Surprisingly it didn’t catch on.
  • Running is usually my stress release, but even after 10+ miles it was all balled up.
  • After last week’s hydration mistake, I wasn’t going to let that happen again so I was sure to double hydrate:  Orange Nuun & Shocktop (to keep with the citrus theme).  They actually paired surprisingly well.

After a few hours of run, sun & fun I made my way home to finish up some reports I had waiting.  It was a much needed break…and quite the adventure.

My question to you is what post-run beers pair well with which Nuun flavors?

I’m thinking a taste test might be in order!  Any takers?


Miles:  9.01
Minutes:  1:14:20
Stupid Strides

My “I’m so stupid” look!

I should have titled this post “Stupid Things I’ve Done” but that would require more bandwith than allowed plus “stupid” is currently the “s-word” in our house.  So I just titled it, “Doh!” and we’ll discuss a few awful mistakes I made yesterday and the consequences.

After charging through a litany of stray calls, deadlines, and trying to finish everything in time my day clipped by without hardly noticing what time it was.  I KNEW I had to get a run in, even if it was later in the day.

When it was about 6 and I decided to go run I had consumed approximately 1 banana, 1 bowl of granola and 1 english muffin…all day.  Washed down by probably 3 glasses of water and that’s it.  Mistake #1.

When I left to run I naturally I forgot my electrolytes (I’m a big Nuun fan) for my water, but did the 9-miles anyway.  Anyone who has ever run with me knows I’m part camel.  I can do 10 miles and drink 30 ounces no problem.  On a 20-miler, I’ll down 40 ounces, not stop to pee and spend the last 2 miles wishing I had even more water with me.  My water bottles tasted funny so I didn’t really drink much while running.  Mistakes #2 & 3.

Celebrating in style….

Got home, rushed to get ready for dinner and may not have had anything to eat and just pounded a quick glass of water before I left.  Mistake #4. 

Enter Cafe Bizou, a very busy, very adorable little French cafe where my family was celebrating a special occasion.

The said quaint adorable little restaurant also only housed one little stall in the bathroom.  This is where I was likely found hanging my head over the trash can dry heaving with completely numb palms, the chills and sporting a fantastic shade of Casper white.


Dehydration folks.  It’s no joke.

Luckily I pounded a few glasses of water and swallowed a half a loaf of bread whole and somewhat recovered quickly.

Enjoyed a fantastic evening with family and remembered why it’s okay to be OCD about my water intake.

Somewhere in there is my family and I.