The Daycation

40 minutes on stairmaster
Sweaty Steppin’ Strides

Ever feel like the pace of life is spinning out of control faster than a bike at the gym?

Yeah, me either.

Gone for a day or week?

So by Sunday morning I knew it was time to reset life from race pace to a nice recovery tempo.  I wasn’t sure how to do it, so I threw a bunch of our favorite stuff into the car and started driving north.

We wound up in Santa Monica and beat the heat avoiding crowds and got ourselves a little 7ish mile bike/razor ride.  I, on the other hand, partied like it was 1994 and strapped on my roller blades to strengthen my whatever muscles runners don’t exercise very much.

The premise of the daycation was not a day at the beach – we do that often enough.  The idea was less about the activity and more about pulling the reigns back on our pace and slooowwwing down.

Check out the little babes behind me – see exercising with kids is possible!

Our day at the beach allowed us to focus on the small things we miss in our hasty race pace…like sand in our buttcracks, avoiding jellyfish stings and trying to undo the emotional damage Shark Week wreaked on 3 little boys.

Sand crabs- nature’s pet for a day.

We then drove up to my aunt’s house for a family dinner and playing corn hole (as they call it).  I’m sorry, but in the Midwest it’s called bags and you can play a lot better because the humidity slicks the boards up nicely.  While we had the heat on Sunday, the humidity was severely lacking.

Corn hole? Sounds naughty. Bags works for me.

My family is 2 legit in awesomeness in our birthday photo taking tradition.  Every birthday – same shot!

Like I said the other day, my injury is resurfacing because I was getting to pacey and forgot to look at the spacey around me.  This little daycation reminded me that it was time to do that in not only life, but my running as well.  Thanks injury, you’re swell.

We reset our clocks, and I’d like to say our attitudes, but as I type I hear 2 babes fighting over a pair of socks…because of all the things to fight over in the world, socks are most definitely on the top of the list.

How do you slow down?
Have you ever taken a daycation?


Sometimes the Words Fail

Miles:  7.2
Silly, Pithy Strides

Honestly I think I’ve worded myself out the last few days.  I met my friend Missy for a run yesterday morning.  She’s super fabulous – like Sub 3:00 marathoner fantastic.  Our runs together are always awesome as I’m either falling or apparently dying because I have to answer nature’s call so bad (yes that was this morning).

What I like about running with her is that:

A:  She pushes me even when I keep telling her to run ahead, she just runs and tells me to keep up without saying a word (it’s really a mad crazy skill.  She had me duped).

B:  She thinks I’m a better runner than I am.  Today’s discussion – her thoughts that I can pull a 1:32 half marathon off in the next year.

It’s always nice to know that someone thinks better of you than you do of your own abilities.

And with that, I’m tired and lacking anything inspirational or motivational, but I do have some funny snapshots from the day today which are sure to make you laugh.

Too early? I wake up to this precious face and early riser every morning.

This one partook in a “silent protest”. I stepped over him and told him it was too early in the morning for white whine. He laid there and informed me he could do a really good bottle impression. Parenting is so fun sometimes.

Solving the runger issue while working at home? Chocolate banana smoothie, hummus, carrots and a bag of frozen veggies to stick in my running shorts to soothe the ol’ injury. Why working on the ground? Because my microfiber couch would absorb my ridic amounts of sweat and runger couldn’t wait until I showered.

Icing on the cake? At Road Runner VIP night Strawberry did an 8:00 min timed mile and then won the prize every 7 year-old dreams of – Body Glide. The best part of it all – explaining what Body Glide is used for.  All he wanted was a water bottle.  Poor kid.

True Story

1 mile running
9 miles biking
20 minutes swimming
Blitzy Strides

2 miles x 10 min/miles.
Sweetest.  Strides.  Ever

As a mom, I recognize that each and every move I  make results in a hash mark in either the Charlie Sheen “winning” or Clueless “Loser” column.  Each day I rack up a slew in each column and I just hope that by the end of the day the winning hashes outnumber the loser ones.

Charlie Sheen or Alicia Silverstone…you decide.

That, or my kids have really good insurance when they get older to account for all the therapy they’ll inevitably need from my parenting failures.  Either one is *mostly* okay by me.

This week I had a serious heart to heart with Strawberry.  He wasn’t feelin’ the love so much.  As any parent with several children recognizes, they’re completely different in how they demonstrate love- but also how they receive love.  Apparently lately I’ve not been filling his love o’meter very well lately.  Fail.

Handsome dude and I ate his award ceremony this spring. Could he be any cuter? Yep, if you knew he hand picked that outfit and made me spend HOURS at the mall finding the exact pieces to match his vision.

Let me sidetrack to say 2 things here:

A- I’m so glad I have a 7-year old who can communicate these things with me.

B- I’m ridiculous thrilled that all the investment in time to maintain a relationship where he feels he can safely share this with me is worth all the blood, sweat and tears (of which there are many!).

Carrying on….

In a harsh series of uncontrollable calendar misgivings I was gone from the boys last week for 7 days and then they left to see their grandparents for 11 days (Gasp!) this morning.

I’m pretty sure I’ve cried more about this than they have.

So yesterday I ensured some extra special lovin’ time with my bambinos.  Strawberry lucked out as it was the littles last day of school so we got some extra time together.

His request:  let’s go for a run and go to Starbucks.

Why yes I’ll spoil you with whipped cream today. Whatever you please m’dear.  PS Can you count the freckles in this picture?

Child after my heart, I have two words for you:  Yes, please.

The best part was the conversation at Starbucks after our run where he rearranged parts of the day to make his ideal adult day:

Mom, if I was an adult you want to know what my perfect day would be?  Wake up, eat breakfast, go on a run, and then go to Starbucks to get a latte (since he’s never had one, I’ll consider this a total reflection on my tastes).  Then I’d come home and watch some hockey.  Then if I was 24 I would have a glass of wine.  And then I would ride a bike and relax and play some dominoes. 

Oh mylanta you crack me up my sweet, sweet son.

So while I had to forego the wine (major bummer), we made sure to bust in some Mexican Train dominoes tonight before bed.

Domino victory will be mine!

Don’t think you can win? Just wear a beanie and slide your extra dominoes in it. Yep, he did just that.

*Sniff*  Missing my babies already.  I’m certain their return will necessitate some grandparent detox (with lots of helpings of the word “no” and a monstrous cuddle sesh).

In the meantime I’m cleaning out every square inch of their room.

Oh and I’ll probably race (and by race I mean finish since I’m still on the recovery side of this injury).  Thinkin’ of hitting the Low Tide Ride & Stride tomorrow down in San Diego and got me some Schwaggle to do the Long Beach Pajama 10k next weekend.

On Quitting

That’s it folks – I’m a quitter.

Yes, Iofficially pulled from the Laguna Hills Half, 10k & 5k (all of which were options).

After realizing the half was out, I was toying with the 5k or 10k…but smart people around me got the best of me.  You see, the Aliso Viejo Patch (we’re talking big time media here!) was going to cover my son and I running our respective races – starting with our training, meeting us at the starting line and then the finish.  Knowing this was the case, I know I would not have taken it easy if when the pain kicked in and I would have pushed it hard so I wouldn’t look like a fool and likely leading to a severe injury.

So here’s to you Dr. Scott – I didn’t run.  Betcha thought I couldn’t resist.

In other news, I’m drowning my race pulling woes in fro yo and did my best to be a proud mom instead of a runner this morning.  How did I do this?

1. Early Worm:  I downed my 800 mg’s of ibuprofen, rolled some sleepy 5 year olds out of bed, got myself some caffeine and waited at the 3 mile mark to see Strawberry kill his PR.

2 boys, 2 power bars, 1 cup of caffeine + 1 cowbell = fun times!

2.  I Yelled:  Oh my word did I yell.  I taught my boys to cheer at the 3 mile mark of a 5k.  The following were our favorite phrases:

  • There’s someone right behind you – go faster!
  • Oh, you’re smiling.  Then you have enough energy to catch that person in front of you – now GO!
  • Move your arms faster – your legs will follow!
  • Go! Go! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You’re almost there!
  • And my personal favorite to the half marathoners – Just 10 more miles! 

3.  Kickin’ It:  Have I told you Strawberry is a fantastic finishing ROCKSTAR!  I watched him literally spring the last 1/3 mile of the 5k.  And he KILLED it.  Bless him – the child shaved 2 minutes off his PR and ran a 26:41!  I am practically in tears thinking about his rockin’ finish for 7-year old 1st grader 🙂

That said, we also discussed that if he didn’t talk the entire race, he would likely run much faster.  Apparently he loves to chat with those around him when he races.

What? Sprint the last 1/3 mile- pshaw! Don’t mind if I do!

And on a total sidenote – am I the only person who looks at race pictures like this to see who is/isn’t heel striking?  Ugh, I think I have a sickness.

After this Vanilla & Chocolate (both 5) ran the 4-6 year old Kid’s Run – we ended up with a 2nd (Chocolate) and 6th (Vanilla) place finishes – out of 30+ kids they were both pleased.  Strawberry tried to run the kids half after his 5k, he ended up finishing by barely jogging across the finish line looking like he wanted to die.  Pobrecita!

Check out those running studs!

4.  We Yelled:  No joke, we sat at the 13 mile mark and played the “Someone’s going to catch you!” and “If you’re still smiling you can catch the person in front of you game.”  People, it was hilarious – I believe about 40 runners can attribute their last minute finishes to my children and I toying with them.  We giggled, we cheered, we rang the cowbell as loud as we could and it was a blast to just be a spectator.

5.  We Papped.  Yes, the writer of the paper decided to go ahead with the story and take a spin at a 7 year old who runs 5k’s (and trains with me locally in the city’s trails).  Strawberry chatted with the paparazzi – prof pics & article to come.  I’m dying to see how it turns out.  He was absolutely presh (and totally sweaty).

What?! Not everyone has a reporter following them post-race for interviews? Totes normal for me!

6.  I Dwelled.  At one point some very elite looking runner found me staring at the results.

Him:  What are you doing?
Me:  You don’t want to know.
Him:  Give it a shot.
Me:  I was supposed to run this race so I was looking at my projected time to see where I would have placed.
Him:  That is completely and totally….acceptable. 

He laughed and walked away.

7. We Played.  Oh yeah we played.  There’s a redhead contest at a local strawberry festival every year so we went up to visit.  We rode rides and I continued to wallow in my race cancellation woes by indulging in a strawberry supreme – you don’t even want to know….

What’s that you ask? Oh, it’s two of my children WAY up in the air on the giant wheel of death celebrating their triumphant morning.

Cake, soft serve, half a pound of strawberries & whipped cream – that’ll take the edge off this morning…

Truth be told…I wanted to be like Vanilla- who after a super early start and spending the entire day in the heat, literally had a meltdown in the middle of the festival.  I kept up a *mostly* happy face, but honestly I was still totally disappointed.

Good parenting – taking a picture of said fit. Don’t worry it stopped quickly after it started.

Born to be Wild

Miles:  2.25
Minutes:  21 (yes you read that right)
20 minute sprints on the bike
Sleepy Strides

This morning it was time to tie the ol’ shoelaces and open it up since my marathon last weekend. Yes, I actually made it the full week of rest from running!  Yay!

No.  I didn’t have much of a choice as life has been so crazy busy this past week.

Truth be told, I was kind of grateful because my body probably needed it.  And with the tricky hip issue still nagging a bit I knew I needed extra time.

On Friday I suited up to go run, and then….got smart.

The kids were tired.  My body probably needed that last bit of rest.  And I had absentmindedly promised pizza night (a 3 hour commitment to sticking around the house) earlier in the week.

So I rested like a rock star.

We put on our dancing shoes!

Have I mentioned Chocolate is a my little Ham Bone?  My camera was being wonky so the pics are fuzzy, but he found my “work shoes” and busted out his moves.  Sadly, he probably did better in them than I do trying to walk into conference rooms.

We busted our best moves!

While it looks like the Macarena was happening, this was actually the two of us singing Taylor Swift songs to each other.  And I have sufficient evidence that I have zero posture when dancing.

We feasted.

So good.  So naughty.  I love me some skillet pizza.  I literally go through about 3 pounds of tomatoes to make it.  Unfortunately it wasn’t my best batch.  Luckily the boys don’t care too much.

We embraced our wild side with a monster cuddle sesh…

We then got really ca-ray-zee and finished our wild night by watching a documentary about nature’s crazy little life cycle between sharks, turtles and birds.

People, we know how to have a wild night!