The Dream Team

9 miles biking
2.5 miles running
Realistic Strides

I realized I have about 3 weeks until this triathlon and I have NO idea how to actually pace myself riding on the road so I took a quick break and did 9 miles in about 35 minutes to see how fast I should go.  I think I’m seeing my natural abilities/limits a little more clearly.

Speaking of being realistic, I had far too much fun brainstorming my 1 half marathon a month goal for the next running fiscal year “Dream Team” list.  I read, researched, reminisced and then decided I had to make two separate lists.  The cathartic – the “never in a million years unless I won the lotto” list and the “what will really happen” list.

So today’s my Pipe Dream list.  Don’t worry…I’ll snap back to reality later this week to give you the realistic list.

Pipedream List:

Yes we know where all the cameras are on EVERY ride and yes we still do ridiculous poses every. single. time.

September – Disneyland Half.  It’s close to my house and I’ve been to Disney about 273 times with my annual passes plus I ALWAYS forget to register and then find out too late.

October – Zooma Great Lakes.  The race is taking place at a resort that my family used to visit with friends and my mom has a TON of great memories there (and several not so great).  In fact, I’m pretty sure the local bartender down by the lake knows her by name.  And my mother may or may not have bounded around the place playing an accordion one night. The thought of flying in and experiencing the weekend with her just sounds too cool for school.  Sentimental and sweet.

November – Big Sur.  Need I say more?  So pretty.  So much good wine in the area.

December – Las Vegas Rock & Roll – Yes I heard terrible things about how crowded it was last year.  I’ve also heard that they’re fixing it up so the same overcrowding doesn’t happen again.  Plus if it’s a slow terrible race I can always remember, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” [unless it’s a PR].

January – Maui Oceanfront Marathon. A coastal 13.1 race in Hawaii.  I have sadly never been, and living on the Left Coast it’s not that far away, so I had to put it on my list.

February – Austin Half.  I’ve never been to Austin.  *gasp*  But I have always heard amazing things about the city and so why not go run a race and spend a few days soaking in the Austin love?

March – D.C. Race.  I should have my American citizenship revoked as at the age of 31 I have yet to visit the capitol.  I know, slap my hand and shame on me.  I haven’t spent much time on the East Coast.  Rumor has it the Nike Women’s Half will be around that time or the Rock N Roll DC.  Either one is okay by me.

An oldie pic, but still true. You probably don’t want to come between me and a good glass of Central Coast pinot.

April – San Luis Obispo Half.  Now this is contingent on as to whether I actually get a spot in Boston.  The 1:18 minute buffer I got in my qualifying marathon isn’t too promising.  If it falls through, a trip to SLO would be great.  It’s pretty, it’s small and I’ve heard great things about it.  Plus I’m always game to drive up to the central coast where Pinot Noir flows out of the faucets.

May – Brooklyn Half.  NYC, beautiful views, and to participate in a NYRR race sounds fantabulous.

June – Ojai 2 Ocean.  Once again, trip to the Central Coast, amazing views, and one heck of a speedy course.  Not to mention a trip to the Hitching Post on my way home to get my inner “Sideways” going would be in order.

July – Napa to Sonoma.  A smaller race, supposedly fabulous views, and I’m a bad Californian because I’ve never been up there.  And once aain, we’re on the wine theme here.  Hmm…I guess California has gotten the best of me.

August – San Diego.  Who doesn’t like a San Diego half marathon?  Wait…people who don’t like hills.

I may say I want to go to Chi-town to run, but it’s more likely I want to go there and eat good pizza.

September – Chicago.  My favorite city, family  and would be a return to my very first half marathon.  Hopefully about 30 minutes faster than the original.

So there she is.  The list that would take me from coast to coast and sea to shining sea.  In reality, I’ll probably get to do about 3 of these – which is 25% good.  But a girl can dream, right?

What would your dream list of marathons or half marathons for a year be? 

Any I missed I should be dying to run?