I’m Not Dead

4.5 Miles
Stranger Danger Strides (yes I ran with a stranger)

Yes I’ve been MIA.  I’d like to think that it’s because I’ve been sitting around taking part in marathons that involve binging on chocolate and trashy TV, but alas, it’s mostly because I’ve changed up the ol’ routine.  Bye bye crazy strides, hello, cross training and weight lifting.


Packing the contents of the home with one adult and 3 tiny-ish humans is exhausting.  And yes, I even got the bunk beds down myself.  #proudmoment

Don’t worry, I did some serious heavy lifting of other sorts on a few pack breaks over the weekend, so you can’t feel too sorry for me.


And besides, those champagne glasses were really heavy as well….

IMG_3876With a move looming over me the last few days, and leading up to the big haul this week, the blog’s been a little sidelined….along with my running.

That said, this morning I hit the road for an early run and ended up literally running into a local runner, we peeled a few miles out together and I forgot just how delightful the running community can be…mostly because I haven’t been running that much.

I suppose carrying your body weight times 20 up and down the stairs for days on end will rob of you motivation rather quickly.  But I guess ants do that every day, so why am I complaining?

In non-related running news – are you a lover or hater of moving?
I LOVE I have purged so much stuff from the house…but am starting to wonder just how empty the new place will be now that I’ve gotten rid of so much.  That said I just want to be in my new bed, in my new room, with my new patio furniture serving up drinks to whomever wants to come over.  Any takers?


On Wrist Sweat

40 minutes pool workout
Swimmy, sammy, swammy, swanson..? Oh, Samsonite! Strides

Name that movie party peeps?

Can I tell you one of my favorite things about working out ever?

Wrist sweat.

I’m not even kidding.  There’s something about a workout where the sweat doesn’t just coat my back and head, but literally drips down my wrists.  It’s then I know I’m getting my full workout on.

But with my piece of crap uncooperative foot I’m using my wrist for other purposes.

Thanks to the cool breezes flowing from the frozen treat, not an drop of sweat was found.

Since the bike, elliptical, stair master & dreadmill are all off limits I hit the pool.  Actually I hit the pool because my kids were driving me crazy and it was wicked hot.  Plus I was looking for any and every excuse to not have to cook dinner.

Remember I said Vanilla would gank my Saucony bag? #proof

Two standard strokes in I realized the ankle wasn’t going to cooperate.  I could, however do a funky dog paddle, high knees and butt kicks in the water.  So for 40 minutes I looked like a total moron.

Basically a normal day in basking in my moronhood.

But when all was said and done, this is what was outside my front door by evening…even if it was 89 degrees at 7:20.

Not a shabby way to end a day…

Any ideas for workouts with a uncooperative bum ankle?  

Can you name the movie quote without googling it?