True Confession Thursday: Older & Barely Wiser

They say with age comes wisdom.  I think with age comes wisdom to know my need for incontinence products….and perhaps a few other thoughts.  So to celebrate my birthday this week, I’m going to list the greatest running lessons that have spilled over into my life this year.

Take It Or Leave It World.  This is who I am – ruffles, wrinkles, and rough edges.  I will always strive to be someone better, but I’m just a person.  I choose those who join in the journey with me.  I will never be the fastest runner, and someday I might be the slowest, but I’m willing to run with anyone who’s going my way.


Slow Down to Speed Up.  Sometimes you’ve got to take it back a notch to speed up- physically, emotionally, spiritually…it’s all the same.  Rest for the soul, rest for my legs, and rest for my heart will help me to better propel forward as the best me possible.  Ironically the more I’m slowing it up, the better my body is responding in terms of speed.

Breathe In, Breathe Out.  A few deep breaths go a long, long way….

Chickens Like Wine.  Fact, cause my kid told me so.

photo-3Dig Deep There’s Probably Something In There.  In the last year there have been some huge highs and low lows…and a lot of times when I thought I couldn’t go on.  And then somewhere deep inside me…way deep inside me…I would get through.  It wasn’t always pretty, but the finish line always waited.


The day I thought I’d quit at mile 3 and made it 10 more….

STREEEEETTCH.  So there’s this thing…you know…dynamic stretching.  Warm up the muscles, and slowly, methodically, carefully move your body and you find some pretty awesome results.  Beyond the PiYo I’ve come to like more this year, I’ve learned that slowly moving into something and giving some sloth-like, intentional, dynamic movement can actually make me a lot more flexible in life.

The things that once felt hard, painful and overwhelming can be achieved with slow, methodical practice and stretching tiny bit by tiny bit.  Too much too fast leads to pain, but taking the time to practice and using baby steps to get there lead to way better results.

And no, sadly it’s not an age group year, I’m just that much older competing against newer, younger (wine drinking) chickens.

What are you learning these days?


True Confession Thursday: Double Trouble

4.5 Miles
Lead Leg Strides

Yep, yesterday was a monster hill workout.  It was fast, it was brutal…and it didn’t feel nice at all, even though I knew it was doing a lot of good – kinda like going to the dentist.

But in more important news…I’m like the luckiest mom in the world because I get not just 1 birthday on Wednesday, but back to back birthday celebrations!  (Double pancake batter on day 1 saves monster time on day 2).

Such the snuggle bug. He spends much time in the crook of my arm.

Such the snuggle bug. He spends much time in the crook of my arm.

So today, on what we’re calling the 13 sandwich (12-13-12) I get to wish my Vanilla Bean the happiest birthday.  This kid is something else – filled with compassion, kindness, humor, and is quite the introvert at times.  Bless his stubborn soul, he once sat in a car seat for 3+ hours refusing to apologize to his aunt.  Methinks he’s got the tenacity in him that just might make him a great long distance runner 🙂

Laguna Hills Half Marathon, 10K and 5K photos by Supersports Photo

Good thing I’ve been doing some speed work this week, the extra cake is catching up!  We still have 4 more birthday celebrations to go over the next week to celebrate with all of the important peeps in the boys lives with these mid-week birthdays.

Tell me about your favorite speed workout?
I need to mix mine up a bit!


On 12-12-12 my little chocolate nugget turns 6.

And it’s the only day of there year where I have a 5, 6 & 7 year old.

Sometimes life is full of surprises, and when this little man quite literally burst into my life full of energy, spunk and personality, I never could have guessed the journey would have been this fun.


My little “baby” on our first visit together…

So today, I raise a running shoe to my favorite middle son!  Happy Birthday Chocolate 🙂


Yes that’s him holding almost 8 pounds of ribs.  His only birthday dinner requests were ribs, salad and a chocolate cake.  I think he thinks all of the ribs are his…poor thing is sure to be disappointed.

The morning will inevitably start with a video of the birthday wake up, breakfast pancakes, a super special lunch and dinner on birthday boy’s choice.

What are your birthday traditions?