Shards of Glass, Pastrami & Rainbows

4 Miles
Super Speedy Strides (7:30 splits, what what?!)

45 minutes elliptical
1 hour Strength Training Class
Sweatfest Strides

Yesterday fall finally showed up to SoCal meaning it rained and was in the 60’s.  Actually, around these woods, we call that winter.  It rocked my crazy little moderately temperature loving body.  Yes, I pretty much have a temperature comfort threshold ranging from 65-75.  I was made for SoCal.

Thursday’s book ends.

On Thursday, it looked like it was going to rain when I was running so I ran really fast for 4 miles to ensure I didn’t melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.  It only drizzled, so don’t worry, I only lost half a leg.

Speaking of Thursday nights, I teach at a local university until 10pm so getting up early on Fridays to work out is super fun.  But I do it because I am a masochist it’s the only time it works out to get in a decent workout.

This morning I met Skinny Runner at the gym for a class after I did a 45 minute power-elliptical maneuver.  Don’t worry, I only smirked at the poor sap on the squeaky one twice.

Don’t let her name deceive you, SR’s a total beast.  Her idea of a post-marathon “recovery” day is running 7 miles and she sandwiched our muscle busting, pain-inducing strength training class between two marathons in 7 days.

She was taking down a gel pack when I got into class.  But I’m pretty sure it was full of shards of glass to wash down her bowl of gravel for breakfast because this girl is so tough, tough, tough…

Stolen from SR’s website. I not only respect her running, but wholly solicit her fashion advice.

When I running grow up I want to run like SR.

During the class, the instructor kept reminding us that we continue to burn calories throughout the day because of the type of interval training we were doing.

This is good because I’m going to be going to The Hat tonight with some friends.

Pastrami.  Yum.  Don’t judge.  Heaven’s to betsy it’s so good to eat bad once in a while.  Besides we’re going bowling too so if I’m going to embrace my inner midwesterner, I may as well eat like one.

What’s your favorite day to get in a good workout?

What’s your favorite naughty food?

What size bowling ball do you use?

After this morning’s weight training class, I think I want to find the 4 pound ball because my arms hurt.


Well Intentioned

Miles:  3.54
Time:  29:14
Steep Strides

Fun hilly run in the wee hours of the morning yesterday.  Yes, I started writing this yesterday and never posted.  C’est la vie.

Why you ask?  Well, because I have a house full of super fun guests: my sister, adorable niece and super handsome nephew.

The week started out so well.  I got my refills of my Nuun multi-flavor pack.  This got me through most of my marathon training.

I was super excited as things are heating up here in SoCal and I have a trip to the *very hot & humid* Dominican Republic next month where I will need to hydrate with BOTTLED water.

On a total side note have any of you ever found a good place to run near resorts in the Caribbean?  I can’t stand the dreadmill.  I’m thinking about trying to find a local runner and pimp myself out by paying them to take me on a few runs while I’m there for the week.

All good.  Right?

I know it’s a knock off…but for $9.99 for the giant bottle we are pleased.

A few hours later my sister showed up with this –>

But it seems my sister is single handedly trying to destroy any semblance of a PR in the Laguna Hills Half Marathon on Memorial Day by undermining my hydration and diet.  But it’s our tradition to do margaritas throughout her visit.  And who am I to break tradition?

So far:  pizza, In N Out, beer, lack of mileage and for the record as I finish typing this I might be sucking down a beergarita (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it people).  Oh and it’s only Tuesday.  Whoops.

Buh bye sub-100 minute halfsie.

But if you were in a house with 5 children under the age of 7 you might find yourself drinking too.