Hit & Don’t Run

Two weeks ago I was thrilled with my training.  Things were finally feeling good and I had the audacity to actually try and plan a race with a goal.  I said it out loud, sent an email about it and within 24 hours….


Day 5 and the multi-color rainbow is still alive….

Yes I always yell at the kids, “Don’t stand too close to a car when it’s on” because you’ll get run over.  I should really take my own advice.  Turns out my SO gave me the birthday gift that keeps on giving…a giant bruise on my foot from accidentally backing over it with the car.

I immediately GRICEd.


I might have cried, swore under my breath, then cried again when I found my little running shorts and tank by the front door that night – left there when I ran outside to have one more quick conversation before I got changed for a run.

Yes I could put pressure on it.
No, I didn’t go to the doctor because it felt okay.
Yes, I googled it and it turns out this happens fairly often.
No, it was not the Keurig that I wanted for my birthday.
Yes, this has actually happened within my immediate family before.
No, I have no idea when I can run again.

So instead of fabulous running and working out…I’m just going with the “Let them eat cake [flavored ice cream]” approach in the meantime.


What’s the dumbest/oddest non-running injury that’s kept you sidelined?


15 thoughts on “Hit & Don’t Run

  1. Oh no, I’m so sorry! We just leased an electric car and it’s so quiet I can easily see how this sort of thing could happen in our family too. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh my goodness girl!! I actually pondered this scenario the other day when a trick drove by me. “hmmm, what if a car ran over my foot. I wonder how badly that would hurt me and cause damage.” No joke, I thought about this for at least a good 2 minutes before continuing on. Wish I could give you my foot. And some of my red velvet cake ice cream. Get better!!

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