The Bee’s Knees

Yesterday I finally, finally, finally got to do a double digit run.

Yes I spent some time flirting with a bunch of 9’s, but I haven’t hit it off with a 10+ since last November.


Dear Back Bay, I love you *THIS* much. Love, Me

Take that legs.

Actually, it seemed my body and nature were doing everything they could to rain on my parade (okay not literal rain, this is SoCal I’m not quite sure I know what that rain stuff actually is), but I pushed through.

Saturday night food allergy reaction kept me up a bulk as it felt like I had swallowed 1,000 angry kittens who were working their way through my GI tract.  My gut left me with a late start meaning I got to run in peak SoCal “spring” heat.  While I love the 80’s when it comes to music, it’s just not overly awesome to run in.


Rocks tried to trip me (no seriously rolled off a face plant in front of a bunch of people, Mary Lou Retton would have been proud) and a giant swarm of thousands of bees tried to keep me from finishing, but alas my legs won.

Post-run cool down/cross training with some paddle boarding and then…. well…as all good things do end – carbs, pink sauce & red wine.

IMG_6084What are your challenges to getting miles in lately?

Have you ever seen an angry swarm of thousands of bees?
It’s seriously frightening…like low blood sugar 2 year old before nap time terrifying.

7 thoughts on “The Bee’s Knees

  1. OMG I would freak out if I saw a swarm of bees. 1 bee doesn’t scare me, I just keep my distance. But a swarm- that’s freaking dangerous! My biggest challenge with increasing my mileage is all mental I think. I just haven’t felt like running. Oh and the heat thing. That doesn’t help- 80’s on Sunday meant I cut my 10 miler short and just did 7…

  2. When I was living in Rochester, my sister and I took part in a summer trail race – three days before my wedding. Everyone was joking that I should make certain that I didn’t break my ankle or get a big ‘ole scratch on my face. I assured everyone that whatever happened would be fine, because running was part of who I was and I didn’t plan to change that just because I was getting married (literally).

    I stayed upright and scratch free, but (there is a relevant point here) at some point in the first 2 miles, someone kicked a nest of bees or wasps that was on the ground. EVERYONE behind that person was swarmed by some very angry, now homeless, stinging insects. I was already past that point – but my sister sported a few lovely stings at the celebrations that weekend (whoops!).

    • Oh man that’s BRUTAL! I actually totally BIT IT during a run once a few days before I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and had bruises and scratches everywhere. Not my finest showing (or discretion).

      • In retrospect, that’s a pretty good story! I hope the couple was good natured about it!

        Come to think of it, I also had a trail racing wipe-out the day of a bridal shower I was organizing. The bride requested that I not race on the morning of the wedding. 😉

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