True Confession Thursday: Day Late and a Dollar Short

The other night Strawberry laid in bed tearfully lamenting that *gasp* his plans for the day didn’t come to fruition.

For what it's worth, this kid has been a worrier  since infancy.  He literally was asking "Why is the baby crying?  He's ruining the picture?" here.

For what it’s worth, this kid has been a worrier since infancy. He literally was asking “Why is the baby crying? He’s messing up the picture?” here.

Well my copper topped, bundle of love – life happens and most of the time our well-laid plans just go to the crapper.  Bummer of a lesson to learn at *almost* 9 (his words).

But alas, this is the story of this week.  On Tuesday, I found 20 spare minutes in my evening. TWENTY GLORIOUS MINUTES.  Before anything could change I grabbed my workout clothes and was slipping on my shoes on to work out on my fabulous new slide board while the kids were happily building (actually what were they building???) nearby so we could all talk and hang out together.  Then a stray dog walked into the garage.

45 minutes later we found his owners and my window was lost…

The other day it took 3 different attempts to run 4 miles.

Yes, 3 attempts for 4 miles.

And the entire time I felt guilty.  Why?  Because I remember reading some article in a running magazine years ago telling me that any run under 30 minutes is basically a waste of time.  Sure, it might not be the most effective workout when training for a marathon, but somehow I internalized it that runs under 30 minutes were pointless.

That article, or the fact that my Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin feeds are full of people running approximately 10,326.5 miles every other day (bless you who can do this, but it’s clouding my judgement in my reality).

got-guilt.jpg w=584I’m kind of ashamed of myself that I’ve held onto this stupid rule/mindset for so long.

“Oh I only have 25 minutes – not worth it to run...”

Oh man – that was only 22 minutes and I have so much to do, that was a waste of a run…”

Who am I and why am I letting some stupid running magazine article tell me which workouts are good and which ones aren’t?

For what it’s worth, my very broken up 4, pithy 4-mile run that spanning 4 hours was exactly what I needed.  I finally tested my speed without breaking my legs, I got little mental breaks from some things that were draining and I still squeezed in a game of football at the park with the boys before the sun set.

What silly rules have you ever gotten hung up on?

Give me your best “squeezing it in” advice….I need it!


8 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Day Late and a Dollar Short

  1. Pretty funny b/c I wrote a post yesterday about when is a run a run and my answer is 3 miles (about equal to that 30-minute threshold, right). That said, I think an attitude of doing what you can when you can is sometimes what it’s about. So release the guilt (and the insane numbers you see on IG) and do what you can.

    I love slideboards, btw. I think you’re the first runner I know of to use one!

  2. When I first started running I overheard someone say if you ran slower than 10 minute miles you were only jogging and I beat myself up for not yet being a real runner for weeks. 😦

  3. My biggest tip is one that (I’m pretty sure) you already use: BE IN COSTUME. aka: Keep your workout gear on. That’s one less thing to get in the way/waste time with when your window magically opens.

    And don’t listen to what anyone says about how long a workout has to be. I could find you some studies that say that 10 minutes bursts of moderate intensity activity are actually better, because they keep “revving” your metabolism. I’m not entirely sure this is true, but either ‘side’ can play this game. Also, as I often tell my classes: SOMETHING is better than NOTHING. So, go Nike it, for goodness’ sake! 🙂

  4. I have the thirty minute thing in my head too but I don’t know why. The other night when I ran 2.6 miles round trip to the post office after already doing five that morning I almost didn’t write it in my log. The thing is I’m a big fan of hiit workouts so I know it’s not really the time that determines a workout so I wonder why I’m hung up on it here. With four kids and s%-t to do I could really take advantage of my time better if I used those little opportunities as they came.

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