True Confession Thursday: The Void

The last time I ran was like 4 days ago or something like that.  So I could write something trite about it all, instead I’ll go all Virgina Woolf stream of consciousness on you and let you into the brief world that is Striding Mom today….

As I type this I’m trying to let my coffee kick in and the sun rise enough for me to safely sneak in a few miles.

I had great plans for this week to get my butt back on track with running.

But instead, I’m going to….

Thank Pinterest for increasing mom-guilt everywhere and make 95% of feel like crap on the last day of school before the holidays when we bring in “our things”.


Be a “bad runner” because I let the chaos of the last few weeks not let me run.

I love my kids.

Secretly shame myself for letting social media tell me I should be running at least 30 miles a week.

Why do kids whine/fight so much?

Ground myself and remember that I have an awfully big plate compared to many and it’s awfully full at the moment with 3 immediate family birthdays in this house, Christmas and end of the year chaos.

Why run when there are Cowboys cakes to be made, and eaten?

Why run when there are Cowboys cakes to be made, and eaten?  Yes I bought it, but then I decorated it…this mom has half the time to do all of the work.

Drink another cup of coffee.

Add “take time to reflect and move forward as a family” to the to-do list this weekend (yes I realize the irony of this).

Oh yeah, I should go run now….

What do you need to get off your chest now about fitting it all in?


5 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: The Void

  1. It’s all good…you have your priorities in order. But I do wish you more time to run in the coming year if that’s what you desire!

  2. Haha LOVE this! I’m feeling particularly guilty about running as well. Prepping for the holidays and visiting family members makes it hard to fit in those runs. I’m fine with that, until I read a blog post about how so and so ran 12 miles today.

  3. I’ve been suffering from this death-plague that’s been circling the office for over a week now (actually, two different bugs, I was just lucky enough to get both) and that’s put a kink into ALL my December plans: Christmas shopping, building up running mileage and making the next steps in my career. Now that I’m starting to come out of it, I’m scrambling and panicking.
    Social media doesn’t help in times like this. I see all these posts of “I’ve ran ______ miles at X:XX pace!” and feel bad although there is nothing I can do. Hopefully once everything is OUT of my chest (still a little wheezy) I will feel a little more in control of my life.
    You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed! Especially at this time of year.

  4. We were supposed to be moving across the border next week but now we’ve been delayed by immigration. That means I have to actually do Christmas this year with all the parts of my extended family. I’m seriously scrambling just to stay afloat. I say $*(# pinterest. Right after I use it to find cookie recipes for all these stupid parties we have to go to.

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