The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly Christmas Sweater

The Good:  Make ‘Dem Miles Count
Sunday morning I had it in my head to do 10 miles…then life happened.  Recipes needed to be cooked, kids were crabby, my headphones were gone, my morning was slipping away and I just took off out of the house without water, thoughts or a plan.

I didn’t have time for 10 lolly-gagging miles, so I decided to just make the 6 I did have time for count.  Speedy, interval-laden, forget the world around you miles came and went.  I was crabby, I fartleked and then I felt better.  The end.

Sometimes I’ve just got to remember that quality really can trump quantity.  On the right day, 6 high quality miles can be just as fulfilling as 10 easy peasy ones.

The Bad:  Don’t Go Dying on Me Now
Um…any miles under 7:30 had me sending very mean, awful thoughts towards my legs and lungs.  There was burning, expletives rolling through my head and glaring looks  tossed at innocent bystanders.  I’m not exactly in the shape I was a few months ago.  *pfffft*

The Fugly Christmas Sweater:  Costumes ‘R Us
I am not….let me repeat…NOT a costume runner.  I show up to Disney events as Princess Crabby Street Runner who dons whatever sweat wicking spandex I can grab out of my drawer before the 4am start instead of the tinky-wings and sequined doo-dads.  I love and respect the running costume, but am typically just too uncreative lazy to actually do something about it.

I was supposed to dress up for an audition once and…SHOCKER…I was a runnerd

Keepin' it classy

Keepin’ it classy

So SURPRISE!  Everyone should be totally shocked and amazed by the fact that not only the boys, but I, will be dressing up for the Renegade Troutman Sanders Santa Run this Saturday.  I’m busy sewing costumes (yes you read that right) that should be sure to shock, amaze and wow everyone….at least those under the age of 9.  I do my best to keep the standards low.

I actually wanted to dress as Uncle Eddy from Christmas Vacation but decided no one would get it and just think I forgot to shed my Good Will warmup duds.  Then I had the genius idea to wear neutral colored running clothes with a nighty on top and a “For that Special Someone” tag…but decided against it as this is a family-friendly race.  I’m working on final touches for my current getup now…


If you want to see my terrible sewing or want to come check out the race, it’s not too late to register here.  The entire fam bam will be running the race as well.

If you use the discount code:  SHEILADISCOUNT you can get an additional 10% off.

Quantity vs. quality?  What’s your best measure of miles?

What’s the best costume you’ve ever run in?


2 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly Christmas Sweater

  1. Sometimes it is quality over quantity! And this time of year, it is what it is.

    Totally with you on costumes. You will never see me in a tutu or tiara at a race. Just never. But I look forward to seeing your creations!

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