True Confession Thursday: Spilled Water

Newsflash:  It’s raining in SoCal.

I snuck in a quick run between rain clouds and Cali-grade downpours (aka heavy drizzle).

I always find it ironic that when our “winters” hit (I’ll use that term loosely), the rest of the country and things get literally dark, gray and cold, we finally get “normal” weather.  Those rare rainy days are warmly welcomed as an excuse to make those recipes you’ve been eyeing for months and the cool, damp rain greens up the typically dry and brittle landscape.  So really, our winter is like most people’s spring/fall.

Rain’s so rare here that the boys were filled with theories about it on the way to school:

-The clouds are crying.
-God spilled his water glass.
-Someone hates me and wanted recess canceled.

Watch out world – I am apparently raising at least one conspiracy theorist.  Our forecast is calling for 3 days of rain…..including Saturday which is the Griffith Park Half Marathon:

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.15.26 PM.pngThis means two things:

1- Fighting over the Rainbow Loom will increase exponentially since being outside (which is approximately 95% of their play) is off limits.

2- While this Saturday’s race is my one of my most favorite races ever….the weather forecast tied with the elevation means….

GRF_MAP_GoogleEarth_Imagerace is looking like cloudy with a chance of falls.

Mud slinging, slip and sliding fun, fun, fun, fun, fuuuuun…(sung to the tune of the Tigger song).  Honestly I think this is the best thing that could happen.   I won’t possibly be able to run too fast and can really just HAVE FUN.

To be honest, things have been all crazy-like in the house with lots of stress, busyness, etc., so I could really use to just open up and have fun.  Last time I was on the hilly trails, I was flying high for days after.  So now it’s time to open ‘er up again….slow, steady, slippery fun.

Do you love running in the rain?
I do…and I still like puddle jumping too.  The boys asked when I stopped doing it the other day and I told them you should never stop.

Any races this weekend?

7 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Spilled Water

  1. Will the race be held with the rain?? Normally the trails close automatically for like 48 hours!

    Lora’s race this weekend may be retorted to the mt sac rain course – they say the hills are too “treacherous” after rain. Haaaaa.

    • Say it ain’t so!!!! I haven’t heard anything so maybe we can hope that it’s not been raining as much up there 😦

      Treacherous? Seriously?! Ba ha ha ha ha!!!!!

      On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 4:41 PM, Striding Mom

  2. There’s supposed to be snow here on Sunday. Bring it on, baby!
    If you feel a snowballz hit the back of your head, I threw it all the way from Delaware. I’ve got a strong arm, ya know.

  3. I spent 4 years visiting my husband in LA, then lived there for about 6 months, and could NOT get over the shenanigans of Angelinos the minute a tiny drip escaped from the clouds.

    Personally, I love the rain – especially now that I live in the tropics. Singaporeans often hide inside during a rainstorm (although sudden rainstorms are common, a genuinely RAINY DAY is their excuse to stay inside, curl up in bed, etc. etc – even if it’s 80*F outside). But running in that kind of weather is basically the best thing that could happen to a runner in the tropics. Enormous downpour moments after my 50K started? Bring it ON. The cooler, the better….

    Hope your race was great fun…heading over to check out the recap now! 🙂

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