True Confession Thursday: When Runs Suck

I’m that annoying runner.  When I’m running, I’m usually in my super happy fun place.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 10.55.34 AM.pngWhen I run, “The Hills are Alive” and I’m mentally singing “I Feel So Pretty”.

Tra la la la la biker dude who almost hit me.  You can’t make me mad, because I’m running.

Big fat cheesy thumbs up to the kids walking groggily – Be cool stay in school!

I smile, I say hi to those around me and wish them a good morning/afternoon/evening.

But my last run was no such thing.  I got up early to beat the heat/sun intent on testing out my leg/endurance to see if I’m ready to run my most favorite trail race ever in 10 days.   After about 9 trips to the bathroom I finally set out and for 4 miles all I thought was, “This sucks.  I can’t run 5 miles.  I can’t even run 3.  I’m quitting racing.  I’m backing out of everything for the next few months.  I’m never going to run again.”

Clearly, I’m a very logical, grounded runner.

Remember two weeks ago when I loved running 4ever and ever and it was so super, mega gr8.  Apparently my relationship with running resembles that of 12 year old BFF girls.

So I walked.  I pouted.  I fought of nausea.  I questioned my ability to hold my bowels.

“What if I puke right now?  What if I crap my pants?  What if I’m puking and then start to crap my pants.”

But somehow, I just kept running….

I decided to quit at 5.  But at 5, I realized it wasn’t 100% awful, just 90%…and so I was going to do 6….I played this game with myself for 9 miles.

Actually it was really 8.98 on my GPS so I kept running in small circles until it got to 9.


Source: Someecards

After I felt like a champ and totally didn’t regret the run it felt like a run that sucked.  I was even more nauseous, shaky and felt like junk all over.

What do I know about sucky runs?

-They don’t happen every single time.
-I’ll get over it.
-The next one isn’t usually as bad.
-I still got the miles in.
-Now I can get myself a treat from Starbucks.  #allworthitintheend

How do you recover from a craptastic run?

What’s the worst run you’ve had lately?  Tell me stories because misery love company.


8 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: When Runs Suck

  1. I had a pretty horrible run yesterday- 35 min tempo run. I only had to run for 15 min at my goal marathon pace (which is easy for me), yet I wanted to quit the entire time. My legs felt like lead and it made me want to quit running forever. At least I’m not dramatic…

  2. Yep, horrible runs don’t happen every time (Very thankful of this!)
    Big well done on the mind games to get up to 8.98 miles. I wouldn’t have been able to stop on that either. Even if it meant running round and round my car to get it to a nice round even mile!

  3. If I have a bad run, It usually means I need to take a day off. So the rest of that day and the next I will just relax and catch up on the honey-do list I have been putting off and my shows on DVR.

    Any day that you don’t throw up and crap your pants is a win.

  4. Two weeks ago I lined up to run my ‘last chance for a marathon this year’ race feeling pretty good. I was late to the start, just enough time to line up, and feeling pretty good about the 10k I’d paced my ten year old through the day before. The weather was good. Let’s go. As we rounded the first corner I had this thought ‘hey, the bibs are really nice…hey! where’s my bib?’. Yup, no bib. ‘Whatever’ I thought, I’ll just check the gun time at the finish, no big deal.

    By 5k I was wondering why anyone would run one mile, let alone 26 of them. By 10k I was looking forlornly at the race officials at a water stop hoping they might rescue me. By 14k I was turning down a side road and walking my bibless butt slowly towards the finish line and my waiting family. Two hours of slow walking later we met up and I climbed gratefully into the car. If I had know about the fever and the week of GI issues that awaited me I never would have started but at least they gave me reason to think I hadn’t just crapped out because I’m a crappy runner who should never have even toed the line. So there’s that.

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