Dino Dash Race Recap

There’s a lot I could say about Sunday’s Dino Dash race, but let me just cut to the chase.

Each of the kiddos ate a giant breakfast of PR’s with a side of PR’s.

We clearly showed up meaning serious business...

We clearly showed up meaning serious business…

I took the harder way to the race start by running halfway there.  The kids, however, saved their energy and enjoyed their extra hour of rest by truly resting met me at the start line via car.  Luckily there was a great Expo going on because one of the kids ignored my, “Hey please eat breakfast” request which was clearly asking far too much and skipped his breakfast.  Fear not, turkey sausage and fruit were found so he was fueled for his race!

Thanks to Melissa's for providing the tiniest, sweetest apples ever before the race!

Thanks to Melissa’s for providing the tiniest, sweetest apples ever before the race!

I felt like an NBA center in the starting corral given that most participants only came up to my shoulders…and many to my belly button.  We set off and Strawberry took off like he always does and I kept yelling, “Slow down you’re going too fast!” every time I saw him on the course since he looked like he was sprinting.

Turns out no one listened to me that morning and my advice was not heeded – he was his usual Type A self and decided to try and keep up with the racing club kids and proceeded to…..

Checking out his finish time....

Checking out his finish time….

officially finish at 23:52.

It’s about 3 minutes faster than he’s ever run when he was pacing himself.  I was so proud of him – especially since we have not been running together lately – this was pure “play” training.  The smile on his face and swagger in his step the rest of the day was totally priceless.  Though it might have been less swagger and more calf soreness.

What about the rest of the crew?  Vanilla, Chocolate and I spent a good chunk of time enjoying the race.  They were just enjoying hanging around the other kids and running….mostly because the race is about 60% elementary age children.  The boys both finished in 28:11 & 28:14 which were their first sub 30-minute races.

We finished to a band, music, and FABULOUS post-race entertainment (food, games, and more crap than I know what to do with to fit into the house).  The highlight was when we discovered Chocolate has an amazing hula hooping talent and put on a show for a large group when he was doing all sorts of hula hoop tricks for a contest.

IMG_5081If you are in the area and have kids – this is a GREAT race to do with them.  From my experience, both the Dino Dash and the PCRF races are the most family friendly local races….they are great for kids who are new to running, hate running, just want to walk, their teacher made them do it, and families can do the race together.

Running for yourself is fun…running while watching kids dig deep and prove themselves right is priceless.

What’s the best PR you’ve seen someone else run?

Have you ever run a very-kid laden race?


3 thoughts on “Dino Dash Race Recap

  1. OMG your kids did amazing!!! Congrats Strawberry! You’ve got a speedy one there!

    My BFF and I ran our first half marathon together. She ran in about 2:03- the farthest she had ever run was 8 miles, and she was off of her feet for a good 3 weeks leading up to the race because of a toe injury. So proud of her!

  2. I love reading about the races your kiddos run! This sounds like a great, kid-friendly event. Hope that’s what helped you feel comfy letting S. do his own thing and boogie to the finish line with the track club kids. Looks like he knew what he was doing (Mom probably trained him right!).

    I guess my favorite “PRs” to watch are my Couch to 5K groups, when they run their very first 5K. Watching them cross the finish line to automatic PRs is fantastic amazing super bestest!!

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