True Confession Thursday: Random Running Musings

So it’s Thursday so I usually tell you super exciting and intimate details about my life such as…random things the kids said and if I snuck an extra dessert (“Mom, are you free balling it?” and why yes I did).  But back to running and fun stuff like that….

On Sunday.  So the best thing about finishing a race, is finishing the race.  After running with Angel and Margot, I learned about their running club ‘Beat by a Girl’.  If you’re in the OC, it’s definitely worth checking this group out – they seem like a great bunch of ladies and accommodate runners of all shapes, sizes, spaces and paces…

From the Beat by a Girl website

From the Beat by a Girl website

More On Sunday. Somehow I missed these two cutie patooties and their fabulous sign.  Aren’t they adorable (and clearly very resourceful)?


LB Expo.  So totally random, but on Friday at the Expo I was frantically trying to rally the kids walking back to the car from the Expo and this woman came up to me asking for directions.  I thought she looked like OctoMom and shrugged it off.  On Sunday I saw her again and then did some looking and realized that it was, in fact, OctoMom.  So there was my pseudo-celebrity sighting for the month.

Janky Knee/Hips.  So the knee went from pretty much fine on Sunday post-race to being a little crabbier by Tuesday.  Maybe it’s like me…it gets crabbier the less it runs.  After rest days Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday’s 2 hour flight seemed to REALLY fire it up, so I just considered drinking a glass of red wine with a chocolate cookie a workout and called it a day.

In order to remind me to rest for a few days, Vanilla made this fabulous sign and stuck it on my desk.  Apparently it was to remind me rest days are important.  He’s so sweet.

IMG_4957So Cold.  I’m in Denver for work and had the great idea to go for a quick high altitude run this morning.  Um…yeah, no.  The 3 in front of the temperature (as in 33), frost on the windows and my severe lack of appropriate clothing, I just took a quick spin on the elliptical and called it a much warmer day!  It might almost be Halloween, but I’m a SoCalWeenie.

What’s the best sign anyone’s made for you?

Do your kids ever keep you in check?


20 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Random Running Musings

  1. Welcome to Denver!! My friend Gina and I bumped into you at the ProCompression booth at the Expo in Long Beach. WTG pacing your friends in. Enjoy the Mile High!

      • My friend finished her first 26.2 with a great time! She was injured the last month, so she was worried she may not be able to finish, but she DID IT!!! I had a PR, but didn’t attain my big goal. Next time.

        Hope your time in Denver was great!

  2. I wouldn’t mind being a SoCal weanie b/c you guys have perfect weather year round if you ask me. I LOVE that cardboard sign–I would keep it forever if I were you!

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