Change of Pace: A PRO Compression Giveaway

5 Miles
Shrewd Strides

This little chunk of medal made me wake up way too early.

This little chunk of medal made me wake up way too early.

I usually hit the roads/trails early in the morning when to squeeze in mileage.  This means I often find people just like me out there:   Garmin glancing, head to toe spandex donning, caffeine imbibing, crazy Weekend Warriors.  We’ll never win a gold medal or compete in the Olympics, but we’re crazy enough to get up at 5am and try like we’re almost sorta, kinda not really going to ever but denial is more than a river, going to.

While I love my fellow Weekend Warriors, I took a change of pace and runched the other day only to find a whole different world:  opera singers practicing in the acoustically perfect road underpasses, tantruming toddlers, exhausted moms moseying around the park, incoming inspiration for the work project I had been stuck on for 30 minutes, mid-day dog walkers, and the pace was so nice and slow in the best kind of way possible.

Thanks to PRO Compression, I have the opportunity to run the Long Beach Half Marathon this weekend, and due to my janky leg, I’m planning on taking it nice and slow.  I’m going to do some pacing, watch people finish their first half marathon and just celebrate being a runner instead of pushing for a PR or focusing on speed.

I’ve written about my love for PRO Compression before (for no other reason than my love for them), but today I’ll tell you the other ways change the pace when I use these squeeze-tastic socks.

-They are my lucky Chicago Bears socks for post-long run recovery during NFL season.

Bear Down Chicago Bears!

Bear Down Chicago Bears!

-Even on shorter runs early in the AM or on a foggy day I wear my neon green pair(s…yes, I have multiple of this color) to help keep distracted drivers from, you know, crushing me with their cars.

Can you find the runner?  You betcha!  Please don't hit me!!

Can you find the runner? You betcha! Please don’t hit me!!

-The boys are known to bust a pair out for a gnarly pair of thigh highs long bike rides.


The exciting part of this all is PRO Compression has given me a pair of socks to raffle off to one lucky reader.  (On a side note I”m having technical difficulties with Rafflecopter, so we’re going old school on this one).  To enter you can receive an entry for doing each of the following.  Be sure to post a comment for each item you do:

  • Visit the PRO Compression website and leave a comment telling me which pair of socks you would get if you won.
  • Follow PRO Compression on Twitter
  • Tweet about the contest
  • Follow PRO Compression on Facebook

I will do close the drawing at noon PST on Saturday, October 12.

If you’re as unlucky as I am and don’t find yourself the winner of the socks, be sure to use the code BLG13 for 40% off + FREE SHIPPING.  #score


34 thoughts on “Change of Pace: A PRO Compression Giveaway

  1. I love the bright lime trainer lows. They match my running shoes! For some reason the XS lows fit me, but if I get XS in the regular ole marathon socks, they’re too big. Weird feet. But the trainer lows are my favorite socks to run in!

  2. Following PC on Twitter-I love these socks!!! My neon green ones are great for my BCOD runs :). Pretty sure I can be seen from a mile away lol!

  3. I love their marathon socks and have a couple colors, so would definitely get a third one, maybe pink, maybe green… they are all awesome.

  4. Neon green looks fun!

    I also follow pro-compression on fb and twitter!

    I am supposed to do the Long Beach Half this weekend too but I might drop down to the 5k because I have been in a running rut and don’t think I am up to doing a half! 😦

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