The Streak Ends

So…while I haven’t been busy tracking in a bunch of miles.  I did have the opportunity to break a super special personal record – my ridiculous dreadmill streak.  Yes folks, after 11 months strong this bad boy finally came to an end.


Are you more impressed by this contraption or my scrawny arms? Both are impressive, right?

Yes, somewhere under there is a treadmill.  Let’s be honest, I was REALLY hesitant to jump on it.  If we want to be honest about things, I should admit the following:  if I put half of energy I put into hating treadmills into my actual running, I could probably run a sub-3 marathon or something crazy like that.  But I digress…

I know some of you love the ‘mill – but I feel like 3 miles last 12 and I will do just about anything to avoid running on one (this includes willingly running in 95+ degree temps).  So why did I do it and the thoughts I had doing it?

-It Wasn’t REALLY Real.  Yes it was a treadmill, but it was an Alter-G treadmill so it wasn’t like running on a really real mill. There were enough bells, whistles, and lack of gravity to distract me.  (If you want to know how it really works look here).

-It’s Good Enough For Ryan.  A while back I got an email from Rausch PT talking about how Ryan Hall stopped by for a rehab session on their Alter-G treadmill.  So marching on the ground where Ryan Hall has sweat pretty much made it a compelling reason to at least TRY it.

-Hot Pants.  Why wouldn’t I want to don these dapper duds?  I mean, nothing says classy like a sports tutu of spandex and zippers, right?


-Drop and Give Me 20.  Ever wonder what it would be like to run 15-20 pounds lighter?  Yeah, that’s what this bad boy does.  Using air and some Harry Potter witch craft, you can adjust the settings to run at various body weights.   Let me simply recap how it felt:  OMG it was so easy to go so fast.  For real running is going to be hard after that little enLIGHTening experience.

-Line Up.  The root of all of these issues has been my wonky hips.  We all know I’ve been running all janky-style.

Janks be gone...

Because this looks totally normal and not out of whack at all….

Yesterday my PT made me work really hard to get this twisted sister’s hips back in alignment and see how I run with, you know, straight hips and all (seriously, my body just asks SOOO much of me, doesn’t it?).

One perk of the Alter-G is that there are 3 different cameras taping your feet and you can watch your stride (this is only slightly more exciting than watching RHOC while running on a treadmill).  With my hips aligned, I just want you all to know I almost cried watch the foot paparazzi video of my run.  The 10 years of heel striking – gone.  The twisty arm, leg thingy – disappeared.  It was so shiny and pretty.  And now, I WANT TO RUN LIKE THAT ALWAYS AND FOREVER.   It felt amazing.

And the fact that all of this happened on the treadmill almost makes me want to change my Facebook status from, “Not in a Relationship” to “It’s Complicated” with the treadmill.

Do you love or hate the treadmill?

Have you ever Alter-Ged?


4 thoughts on “The Streak Ends

    • Believe it or not you’re basically in a sports diaper so if your feet get caught up you’re not going anywhere 🙂 Good thing, because I’m not exactly the most coordinated human being that ever walked…err…my street.

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