Monday Musings

I don’t know how your weekend was, but here we finally saw 60 degrees.  It was amazing.

Running in sub-85 degree temps has been astounding and watching the kids play soccer in sub-90 degree temps makes me sleep better at night (there’s not enough Nuun in the world to keep me sleeping soundly at night worrying about the kids playing sports in super hot weather).

Speaking of trends….training, running, etc.  How’s it going?  How do I feel about it?

IMG_2830Actually that’s a picture of me getting my nails done (not kidding), but I have the same feeling about my running lately.  If I go fast, I seem to get hurt so I’m just hanging out in the “slower for me” speeds and it’s frustrating.  If my mileage hits above 25 miles a week I feel like I’m flirting with an injury, so I’m sticking to that base mileage.

On Saturday morning I went out for a 10-miler and was supposed to finish at the boys’ soccer game, turns out I only had time for 7 and the route to the game was mostly uphill.  I was running “naked” as in no watch and nothing barking splits at me. In fact, a few of the bigger hills (that lasted over half a mile) left me feeling like I was going to dry heave so I was a little concerned.

I was quietly recording it on my iPhone so when I finished I was surprised to find that I had run that fast on a hilly course (7:49 overall splits).  The difficulty was probably because I’ve been doing a lot of this:

Sneaky, sneaky....

Sneaky, sneaky….

No I haven’t been hitting the Skittles, but I have been hitting the pizza, ice cream, and just snacking all day long (not always healthy ones) instead of really thinking about meals, healthy, balanced snacks, etc.  Not too mention I haven’t been doing near enough of this….

Yes that's me fake sleeping in my wedding dress and Converse sneakers

Yes that’s me fake sleeping in my wedding dress and Converse sneakers

I am trying to remember the ol’ GIGO:  Garbage In, Garbage Out.  You can only get out of performance what you put in.

What’s up next?  Long Beach Half Marathon in 3 weeks.  I’m using this as a litmus test to see how things are going, see where my running fitness really is at the moment.  Truth be told I haven’t run anything longer than 12 miles since…errr…uh…Boston in April.  So there’s that.

That followed by a few months of mid-length fast runs, followed by slower, lesser miles because I was starting to feel an injury coming on, followed by moderate paced, moderate length runs.  What’s going to happen?  I have no idea.

From there, I’ll make some decisions on what things are going to look like moving forward.

What’s your biggest challenge about “input” on your training?
 Sleep, food, miles, speed work?


8 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. There’s never enough sleep, if you ask me! And I get a pretty decent amount…but it’s probably my favorite thing.

    So question–does your head mess with you on the fear of injury level? I dealt with this a bit after having real injuries. It took a while to get over it, but now I don’t question every niggle and cut back when I feel them. Just wondering…

  2. See you at Long Beach! Have you done that marathon before? Hoping to BQ there and getting anxious.

    My biggest input challenge is probably food and speedwork.

  3. My biggest challenge these days is…lunch. My cooking has changed somewhat since we moved, and I don’t make as much “extra” as I used to. Since I work from home, this means there aren’t always leftovers hanging around for lunch. I don’t like getting involved in elaborate meal prep, and don’t like eating out all the time…so instead, I end up nibbling whatever I grab when I walk past the kitchen (a bit of toast, then some yogurt, then a handful of nuts, then some gummy worms, then a bit of fruit)…but that doesn’t always equal enough food, or the right mixture of foods. I really need to focus on this next week, as I’ll be fueling up for a race next weekend. *makes mental note*

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