True Confession Thursday: Can You Find the Runner?

Tuesday: 5 Miles
Wednesday: Flag Football w/ Boys & Tweaky Knee
Thursday:  6 Miles

One of my fave things to read on other people’s blogs are things they are digging, so then I can decide if I want to dig them too.  So for today’s True Confession, I’m going to share a few faves and then play a game of “Can you find  the runner?”

Food:  A few months ago, I saw an Instagram from Katie at Ms. Fit Runner about the Vega Recovery Accelerator and decided that it might make me super fast like her it sounded good so I would give it a go.  I’ve created my own little recovery shake with it and am totally digging it lately.   (What I’m not digging is the price…but good protein powders come with a cost so I’ll forgive that).

It might not be a  30 minute meal, but it's Yum-O.

It might not be a 30 minute meal, but it’s Yum-O.

The Deets:
-1 Cup Ice
-1 Scoop of Recovery Accelerator
-1 banana
-1/2 to 1 cup almond milk

Blend and savor the flavor of recovery goodness, protein and carbs.  I have spent many miles just thinking about finding it waiting for me making it when I get home.  I used to dream of sesame bagels while I ran, but this has quickly taken their place.

The Outfit:
So you know I have a thing with drivers…mostly when they almost hit me and stuff.  With the morning fog coming back to SoCal and the sun hitting the snooze alarm making for some dreary mornings (that’s how we know it’s fall in SoCal), I’ve been sporting the same outfit fairly often to keep the cars away.  My fave neon running shirt with my neon ProCompression socks.


Can you find the runner?  From Sunday’s long(er) run

Favorite Guilty Pleasure:
So it’s about time I just come out and say it, but when I’m icing and foam rolling, I do have a favorite guilty pleasure to watch.  No it’s not the RHWOC – I just go to Target to see that.  So hello, Awkward.  You’re so bad, you’re good.

r-AWKWARD-SEASON-3-PREMIERE-DATE-large570What are your faves lately?  
Tell me something I 100% need to know about!


6 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: Can You Find the Runner?

    • This is why I don’t like candy in my house…because I eat it…ALL. And when they’re fun size it doesn’t feel as bad even though I eat twice as much as a regular bag. Curse you food psychology!

  1. I am digging hard apple cider lately. I won’t name a brand, ’cause the ones here are likely not the same as what you get there. But I don’t like beer, and a glass of wine makes me sleepy…so hello, just a touch of alcohol, a nice sweet/tart combo, and some carbonation (which I swear makes a difference in the “refreshing” factor on a hot day).

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