iTryathlon Race Recap

Saturday was the Renegade Race Series iTRYathlon.…and there’s so much to say – so you’ll hear more about it later, but mostly I want to give you the adult race recap for now…and the kid experience down the road….


First of all, I’m a total non-triathlete (this race confirmed this), but I really looked forward to this event to really try and stretch myself.  With about 3 weeks from “I’m going to do this” to race day, it wasn’t much time to physically train, but it was enough time to mentally piece myself together.  Good news – I got lots of pictures.  Bad news – I’m probably going to post most of them here….

If last year’s race was well done, this year’s was even better.  Between my much hated race day packet pick up (hello, race pickup party of 4 = chaos) and some major organizational errors like having the wrong bib number Sharpie tattooed on my body (sadly I can’t pass for an 6-year old boy, maybe an 11-year old one, but definitely not 6).

Margot and I at the starting line of the race.

Margot and I at the starting line of the race.

Performance Deets

5k – 21:03
Transition 1:  57 seconds
Bike (9 miles) – 33:58
Transition 2 – 2:03
Swim (200 yards) – 4:45

-Kid Zone. It’s truly, truly inspiring.  Let me tell you – this was no picnic for Strawberry.  His swim got incredibly rough (enough that a lifeguard had to jump in and I had to swim next to him to finish him home) and he was fighting mental wall after mental wall but knowing he tried his best (not doing THE best) was so important.  I watched Vanilla power through after getting tripped and taking a nasty spill at the starting line.  In addition, Vanilla and Chocolate officially became triathletes when they finished the race.

Proud yes...but Vanilla is still mad at the kid who tripped him at the starting line and made him fell.

Proud yes…but Vanilla is still mad at the kid who tripped him at the starting line and made him fell.

-2nd Place for Breakfast.  Apparently we put a little 2nd place AG sugar in our breakfast this morning because little red and I both snagged the title.


Check out who’s arms are 9 shades darker than her mid-section? #runnerstan

-AG Alma Mater.  In a super fun turn of events the woman who placed first in my AG was wearing a sweatshirt from my alma mater (University of Illinois)- and turned out to be a graduate as well- so it was an awesome added bonus to represent.  We were sure to make a scene and high five about it in front of everyone at the awards ceremony.

I-L-L- I-N-I - Representing some serious midwest alma mater

I’m pretty sure we’re having too much fun for the moment.  We had just awkwardly publicly high fived I-L-L- I-N-I – Representing some serious midwest alma mater

-Awesomesauce.  I think one of the greatest things in life is watching kids realize just how amazing they are.  All afternoon long, Chocolate kept mentioning how awesome he felt about the race.  When I did the last “tuck in” before I went to bed, I had to peel his medal from his sweaty little fist.  Awesomesauce indeed son.

-Familiar Faces – One of the best thing about these moderate-sized local races is you get to see a lot of familiar faces. From chasing Margot most of the race to seeing Heather before and after, and seeing Julie and Kelly volunteering on the course – it was most definitely comforting to see so many familiar faces along the way.

Chatting it up with Heather post race - whatever I was saying was clearly very dramatic.

Chatting it up with Heather post race – whatever I was saying was clearly very dramatic.  “Died, I almost DIED I tell you!”

The Not So Highlights
-Dead Legs.  Wanting to quit at mile 2 on the 5k because my legs hated me.  I was watching the speedy Margot peel away. Honestly around mile 2.5 I was done and wondering where I was going to have any energy left in my legs to finish the rest of the morning’s festivities.

Even if it's disguised as a triathlon - 5k's still suck.

Even if it’s disguised as a triathlon – 5k’s still suck.

-That’s Ugly.  So I took the bike to pool transition a little too fast and was totally winded when I jumped in.  Note:  This is bad.  I literally couldn’t keep my face in the water.  I swam with my face out most of the time and was incredibly awkward.  I knew that there was a cluster of us in my age group so my goal was to just go.  I’m pretty sure at one point I heard the kids on the side line go: “Is she okay?  Why is she doing that?” about my swimming.

Channeling my inner Dory with some, 'Just keep [ugly] swimming....

Channeling my inner Dory with some, ‘Just keep [ugly] swimming….

The end of the swim was such a fog and I was completely in over my head with the water, and the physical ability to get my breathing and body to align…it was scary ugly and just plain scary by the last few minutes.  I just knew that I had 2 women nipping at my heels and was trying to make up as much time as possible.

I've never been so happy to climb out of a pool...

I’ve never been so happy to climb out of a pool…

When all was said and done I went from iTryathlon to iTrySleeping

IMG_4506A huge thanks to Renegade Racing for letting the boys and I participate in this event.  They might have provided this opportunity, but we would have been there either way because we love their races, and particularly this event.

9 thoughts on “iTryathlon Race Recap

  1. Way to go, all four of you! Congrats to the new triathletes and the 2nd places!! The swim is so often a challenge — something about the race excitement, the exertion (and sometimes the cold and the fear) makes it hard to coordinate the breathing. You are a star for working through it!

  2. Oh my gosh. I’m imagining Strawberry in the water, pushing through with mental toughness. This is wonderful character building. You are a great mother. I know it’s not easy. You are doing a fantastic job with your boys.

  3. Whoot, whoot. Sometimes the mental-battle races feel like bigger victories than the “fast but a bit too easy” ones. Congrats to you, and the kiddos. Can’t wait to hear about their races! 🙂

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