True Confession Thursday: All The Lazy Things

Workout Recap:  NOTHING

So I am basically way in #lazymode today.  I don’t know why but it’s there.  I literally couldn’t get myself to do anything today (aside from working a full day).  I packed my swimsuit in my gym bag and then proceeded to blaze right past the gym.  I thought about running, but the thought of tying my shoes was exhausting.  I looked at my bike, then poured a bowl of Raisin Bran for a snack.

Actual screenshot from yesterday

Actual screenshot from yesterday

Yes I declared running up the stairs the WOD (Workout of the Day).  I will justify it by saying, at least I ran fast, and I was winded.  For like 3 seconds.

Just how lazy am I?  My mother and I were discussing how sometimes you make questionable clothing choices.  You know, like the other day when I wore my biking shorts to the gym.


Which wouldn’t be a huge deal, except there’s that lovely crotch liner thing that was, you know…..SHOWING.  It wasn’t awkward at all.

1332261703384_6797466This Saturday is the iTRYathlon (see…I’m not lazy, I’m just tapering….or at least that’s what I’m telling myself).  I know I’ve written about this event a bunch of times, but it seriously is one of my favorite events and I am incredibly excited for a fun family morning!

What was the last embarrassing thing you did?

Any exciting plans this weekend?



6 thoughts on “True Confession Thursday: All The Lazy Things

  1. Good luck this weekend. You know what? Sometimes we need lazy. It’s all good.

    My weekend–between six and eight soccer games. Yes I couldn’t be more excited. ; )

  2. There’s nothing better than coming out of an airport to nice warm weather, taking off your jacket and looking up to the sun to absorb the warmth. Then a nice young man coming up to you saying “excuse me maam, did you know your shirts inside out?” #loser

    Good job on the itriathlon!! Missed being there 😦

  3. I’m way late, but what the heck. I totally walked into the MEN’S changing tent after my race on Sunday. Yes, it was labeled with a big “M”. Yes, the one next to it was labeled with an “F”. No, it didn’t even cross my mind that there could be different tents.

    Thankfully, the one gentleman in there was fully dressed. My thought, “Huh. I’m supposed to change with the guys? These Australians are pretty liberal. Oh. Wait a second. Maybe….*scampers out quickly*”


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