All The Grateful Things

3 miles running
Barely Strides

So it’s come to my attention that I’ve been a little bit…errr…ummm..obnoxious annoying whiny lately.

Yep.  Whiny.

It’s probably the company I keep – as I frequently say, “I don’t want whine in my ears, I want wine in my cup, let’s use a nicer voice”.

But alas, I think my kids have tainted me.  So to regroup, I’m going to take a moment to talk about all the things going on that are awesome.

1.  Warm Fuzzy Stuff.  No matter what’s happening on the outside, I’ve got serious stuff to be grateful for on the inside:  soul filling, spiritual stuff, the booger brains who’s giggles (and whines) fill my house with noise that makes my heart skip a beat every time I hear it, oh and I am getting married in 2.5 weeks.  #goodtimesahead

These dudes melt my freakin' heart every day...

These dudes melt my freakin’ heart every day…

2.  Scary Isn’t Bad.  While I’ve repeatedly talked about how scary trying new things is…guess what, I GET TO TRY NEW THINGS.  If it weren’t for trying new things I would be void of amazing things in my life like: brussels sprouts, asparagus, Twitter and being a mom.

3.  Stuff.  With the niggle in the hammy and my body being a little tweaky lately (all stemming from the hammy I’m sure), I’m grateful for my arsenal of tools to help keep me feeling better.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 7.52.20 AM.png

4.  My Friends Will Do This.  I might have pimped some premium grade grilled filet and a salad in exchange for a friend to do a full on alignment session on my back.  Actually my friend offered to do this after hearing my sad little sob story about concerns about doing a longer workout on Saturday morning (#runnerproblems) and volunteered to take a look.

Will your friends help get your pelvis in alignment on a Friday night?

Will your friends help get your pelvis in alignment on a Friday night?

What’s putting a smile on your face lately?

What’s something new you’ve tried recently?


8 thoughts on “All The Grateful Things

  1. Reading THIS made me happy (congrats, by the way).

    Also, air conditioning (now that I’m back in Singapore), Pringles, and a new haircut are also making me happy. As is the fact that I can now giggle over the idiosyncrasies of a foreign country (sometimes), rather than storm about them for an hour. Hey, I’ll take what I can get!

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