Runs Like a Butterfly

Weekly Recap
Sunday – Run 3 miles, Bike 10, Run 3
Tuesday – Swim 2,000m
Wednesday – Swim 1,800m
Thurday- Bike 12

Friday – Swim 2,000m
Saturday – Bike 5 miles, Run 5 miles, Bike 10 miles
Stray Strides

I think the theme of the last week and through mid-September is – get it done when you can, how you can….life’s dishing out a high stress load with a high volume of activities, so I’m having to roll with it.

Included in this situation is the fact that my upper hamstring has been slightly problematic…so I’ve been mixing up the training even more….

Run like a butterfly, dress like a bee....

Run like a butterfly, dress like a bee….

Why I’m Not Really a Biker, But I Play One On TV

1.  My bike has a kick stand.  Yes, it shouldn’t, but I like it.  I can’t always  hang mine up, and the kids knock all my crap over in the garage when they play games, so whatever, there’s a kick stand and I like it.

2.  Jelly butt.  I don’t own any pants/shorts with jelly in the butt.  If I want jelly, it’s going on my toast, period, end of story.  Okay and in donuts…wait and cookies….but definitely not in my clothes.

3.  I only have straight handle bars.  Honestly, what I wouldn’t give to be able to lean forward more and have those fancy tri bars or curved handle bars, so I don’t look like I’m riding a beach cruiser, but that costs $$ that I’m just not willing to spend right now even if it would make my ride much more comfortable.

4.  I’m still afraid to go fast.  Any time my wheels pick up speed I’m clutching the break with a death grip “just in case”.  This is probably why I don’t like sprinting or speed work when running as well.  #justsaying #excuses

5.  Smile.  Uh, yes, last time I checked I still smile, nod, and say good [afternoon, evening, morning, whatever] to people I encounter on the bike path, even if I am speeding by.  I have not noticed this from most of the bikers around me.

6.  Speed.  Uhh, I only I ride my bike about 15-18 miles an hour…..on a good day.  That’s like dog years in the speedy biking world.

What do you look the part but actually are better of playing on TV?

Does biking ever get less scary/intimidating?


14 thoughts on “Runs Like a Butterfly

  1. I love this post because I would be exactly like you. I don’t want to spend $$$ on fancy handlebars, I am terrified of cycling fast on the road, and kick stands are just so practical 😉

  2. Hey! Triathletes don’t cycle with (much) jelly in the butt, either. Looks like you have yourself a new sport! 🙂

    And if smiling is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!!! 🙂

  3. I am feeling the get it in when you can stress too! I keep reminding myself that only running does not training make and that I need to make time to fit in the cross training too. Loving the compression socks…They would go great with my half fanatics gear!

      • Thanks! I have three pair already and two pair of their sleeves! I really want the sock of the month (the yellow neon swirl is awesome) but I keep asking myself how many pair of compression socks does one girl need. If I keep seeing cute ones like yours the answer may be “another pair of course!”

    • I only learned because someone replied to a picture of my “new bike” last year telling me kick stands added weight to the bike. So does Yogurtland, but I’m not quitting that anytime soon either 🙂

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