3 mile run
10 mile bike
3 mile run
Strawberry Totin’ Strides

On Thursday night, Strawberry and I had a serious discussion about the upcoming iTryathlon.  He informed me he wants to do the full monte.  I informed him he was crazy.  He informed me it was genetic he was not.  And I challenged him:

Run 3 miles and bike 10 back to back like the race and you can do the Sprint Tri, not the Jr.

Apparently I didn’t take my ginkgo pills that morning because I forgot that stubbornness and tenacity can be passed down from generation to generation with little to no explanation…

Determined say what?

Determined say what?

So Sunday morning, we laced up our shoes, set up a pseudo-transition area in the garage and took off for our first real brick together.


Pseudo-transition area

We had a great time, and I swear the kid hardly complained despite me making the 3 mile run SUPER hilly to mimic the course.  We talked a lot about controlled breathing and I used the slower miles to really focus on my form…which…needs some improvement isn’t the best sucks.

A quick video from our brick can be found here…but mostly I kept gently encouraging him, asking him if he was thirsty and if his legs were sore until he kindly told me to put a sock in it.

One of the best parts had to be coming around our cul-de-sac to see our entourage waiting there with signs encouraging Strawberry on a very difficult training run.  Don’t you wish you had this much support?  I remember coming home from 20-mile runs and no one even lifted their eyes from the TV.  *hrmph*

(Actually this is not true, they would snarkily pick me up in the saggin’ wagon or be waiting to see which carb and sugar goodness I had been dreaming of for hours to indulge us all with).

The best was Chocolate's sign which said, "Run like a man!" - not sure if that was for me or Strawberry...but equally chuckle-worthy.

The best was Chocolate’s sign which said, “Run like a man!” – not sure if that was for me or Strawberry…but equally chuckle-worthy.

We also returned home to find the littles had prepared a delightful recovery plate of beef jerky and milk for us…they must have read my mind to know I was craving both of those items on this hot, sunny morning.

*insert stomach lurching*

I’ve gotta say, I was A: Impressed by how Strawberry really rallied and pulled this training out of his behind and B: Inspired by the support of the family (especially his brothers) as they knew he was pushing it.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if they had the same grace when it came to sharing the sink in the bathroom?

Has a kid ever super impressed you?

What support has meant the most lately?

2 thoughts on “Brick….HOUSE

  1. cul-de-sac support? I also live in a cul and have had none of that. Please pass it over here! Strawberry is awesome. YOU are setting such a wonderful example. I bet there are a gazillion more proud mommy moments in your future when it comes to your 3 boys.

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