Renegade Race Series Race Review

5 miles racing
1 mile cool down
Self-Talking Strides

Yesterday the family and I hit up the final installment of the Renegade Summer Trail Series.   I met up with these lovely ladies and headed out for what Heather declared it to be the “easier” reverse loop.

Heather, Julie, Myself, and torturing my son with my sweaty pits....

Heather, Julie, Myself, and torturing my son with my sweaty pits….

If Heather defines easier as gasping for breath, trying not to throw up (though rumor has it Julie was trying her best to do this), and enjoying some good old fashioned masochistic running….then she was spot on.

And yet……yet…..all 3 of us PRed.  Those two crazy ladies PRed by 3 FLIPPING minutes.  #teamawesome

The course is a hilly, loose dirted, beast.  It includes almost 1,000 feet of elevation and made me think lots of words that start with f and don’t end with -un.  But this was a huge lesson for me.  As I mentioned the other day, I’m petrified of speed and this race has some serious downhills.


Kicking it in the end captured by Strawberry’s mad photog skills

I decided to really try to get over this.  This sadly involved a lot of self-coaching which may or may not have been out loud, so the poor guy running behind me had to hear me trying to convince myself to not slow down and stop being chicken poop.  I must have done something right, because my 7:11 splits shaved some serious time off my last race and gave me a 5th overall female finish.  Mostly I was happy the 10 year old girl didn’t show up to school me again.

The boys participated in the Kids Fit Obstacle Course and got to sport some schnazzy medals and a serious sense of accomplishment.  I got to do a 1 mile cool down with Strawberry who shared all of the deetz from his little adventure.

My posse....

My posse….

After the race, we did what Renegade Racing does best…had some quality family time.  This involved a picnic, BBQ, prizes, laughter and mostly watermelon….lots and lots of watermelon.

2013-08-01Within 10 minutes of hitting the road, 1 kid was passed out sound asleep and the other two weren’t too far behind.  I got to relish in the miraculously quiet car and enjoy a new PR.


5 thoughts on “Renegade Race Series Race Review

  1. First of all, I didn’t think you were saying “chicken poop”? Second Awesome crazy run and all three of you should be extremely proud of yourselves. Third, Caleb took an awesome photo…., and 4th I want as many medals as my grandkids!!!! Wonderful job, everyone! #wishIwasthatgood.

  2. I’ll bet the guy behind you was worried that you were talking about poop, and NOT of the “chicken” variety… 🙂

    Congrats on an awesome race! 7:11 splits over 5 hilly trail-y miles? Shazaaam. Looks like your “not training” plan is working, in some weird way…. 🙂

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