For the Love of Bikes

If you noticed on last week’s training recap, I actually biked….like really real biking, not the sitting on the bike at the gym kind of stuff I’ve been doing.

If you think my relationship with swimming is odd, with biking it gets a little more precarious.  Mostly because I’m just freaking scared to death by it all.

All smiles at the iTry, inside I'm panicking...

All smiles at the iTRYathlon, inside I’m panicking…

The Intimidation Factors

1- You want me to put that where?  Bikes have lots of pieces.  To fit bikes into cars, you need to take them apart, then putting them together requires lots of work and uhhh…knowledge.  I comfortably dismantled my dishwasher and pieced it successfully back together over the weekend, but spent nearly an hour trying to get my brake pad to not rub on the darn wheel. #wastedtime

Plus, I’m petrified something will break, pop, twist or tweak on the bike and I’ll be stranded.  Not to mention, I still haven’t gotten used to the idea of having to carry tools with me when I exercise.

2- Judgasaurus.  Sadly, I have a major problem with bikers.  Yes, I know not all bikers are bad peeps, but the ones that are on the shared biking and running trails near me are total butt wipes.  They frequently ride in the wrong lane, cut people off, and get mad if you’re in THEIR way, despite you being in the RIGHT lane.  Plus they never smile or say hi when you acknowledge them.  I know you’re working hard, but trust me, 18 miles into a 20-miler, I don’t really want to say hi either, but I do it because I’m polite. Most of my bike encounters revolve around one sentiment rolling through my mind, “Errr…last time I checked the world didn’t revolve around you.” #endrant

3- I [don’t] Feel The Need…The Need For Speed.  While Maverick and Goose made it clear they felt the need…I…uhh….errrr…don’t.

Nope Mavy Baby, I don't feel the need....

Nope Mavy Baby, I don’t feel the need….

When running I have a billy goat mentality that allows me to bust some uphills uber fast, but going downhill – notsomuch.  I’m petrified of speed.  I don’t want to fall (this is clearly a problem), I don’t want to get hurt.  So if a chickadee is afraid to run downhill fast, you can imagine biking goes over like carrot sticks at a pizza party. #buzzkill

4 – People.  Yes there’s the issue of the biking people addressed above, but then there’s the non-biking people.  Believe it or not I biked everywhere in college (yes even in Midwest winters).  But in my age, I’ve learned people drive cars that sometimes hit bikers and people jump into bike paths without looking both ways first.  What it comes down to is I’m afraid I’ll hurt a people or a people will hurt me. #dontdie

bike_lane_cartoonSo while it’s scary and out of my element, I’m once again trying to learn that my bike is more than a means to get to Trader Joe’s when I want to get some exercise in or a way to keep to my Target trips to under $20 (No basket = No Room for Crap).

Are you a biker?

Do you feel the need for speed?

10 thoughts on “For the Love of Bikes

  1. OMG. I agree. Cyclists here can be (ha) GIANT JERK FACES. Saturday, I was riding on a bike trail, and there is a stop sign at a road crossing, so I stopped (hello, it says to stop!). Some group of the most obnoxious chicks ever were PISSED behind me that 1. I stopped and 2. I didn’t TELL them I was stopping. What. The sign SAYS to stop. WHAT. I hate cyclists. I also try to say hi, and not one of them responds, ever.

    And I try to say hi to runners, too, because, hello, that’s what we do! And they just glare at me when I’m on the bike, so I assume we are not alone and all runners hate cyclists. I feel like wearing a shirt that says I’m an imposter on the bike. I’M REALLY ONE OF YOU!!!

    Why are they so rude?!

    • Ahh this is so true! I always feel like a runner sham. I’ve run the numbers on my long runs and done a series of experiments – male cyclists that appear in their mid-40’s to mid 50’s are least likely to acknowledge your presence.

      • THIS IS TRUE! I have also found this during my long runs along the reservoir here, which is a favorite with bikers. Middle aged male bikers, in my opinion, probably have the ‘need for speed’ and think they’re so badass. But they’re are about a 2.5-3 on the badass scale. Oh well. It gives me something to get mad at/talk about in my head during long runs. People are funny.

  2. Hahaha this is the same way I feel about biking! I’m terrified of going too fast and then wiping out. Or someone running over me. Or or or…..

  3. I can identify with a lot of this, too. I desperately want to get in with a group to cycle out here, but I’m pretty much terrified of joining any kind of group ride. Even when cycling groups claim to be “open”, my general experience is that they have an evil eye on a potentially slow newcomer.

    I’ll show up to just about any kind of group run and feel comfortable – but cycling? *shudder*

    Thus, 9 months after we moved overseas….my bike is still sealed in its travel bag.

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