Since Heather’s pretty much awesome and can do anything (run a marathon, raise amazing kidlets, train for an ultra, etc.) she’s been talking up the Renegade iTryathlon.  Last year was a blast (read about it here), and I was uber bummed to realize we were going to be camping that weekend and I couldn’t do it…until.

We canceled our camping trip.

There’s a lot of reasons why, but the perk is….the boys and I get to participate in the race again.

Showing off our bling at the iTryathlon last year.

Showing off our bling at the iTryathlon last year.

Last year Strawberry was the only one young enough to participate in the youth iTry, but this year the littles are all ramped up to do so!  That’s the beauty of this race – it’s women and kids so it’s super chill and super fun.

That said, I am now on the 1 month sprint triathlon training plan.

So far I have:
-Run a bunch
-Floated in the kiddie pool playing 3 Flags up last week
-Looked at my bike and remembered it needs to go to the shop

Clearly I’m super prepared for this.

But my lack of “readiness” is exactly what is so great about this race – it’s really about TRYING.  During the race last year, I yelled at people (in a nice way!), I sang, I cheered, I was silly.  I kept telling 13 year-old boys that they better beat me or I’d tell their friends.

I may have taken the run seriously....

I may have taken the run seriously….

I also learned I look like a huge dork on my bike. #runnerproblems

But I learned I look like a huge dork on my bike. #runnerproblems


Plain and simple.  While the crazy training schedule could improve your performance and will most definitely abate your fears, the TRY part in the iTRYathlon is what really matters.  I pretty much think “transition time” is how long it takes me to get out of the shower and into my car, that “drafting” is what happens with your beer at happy hour, and  that “bricks” belong on your house and not in a workout.  So I’m obviously a total rookie in this triathlon thing, but I can’t wait to give it another go.

Have you ever tried a Tri?

Of note….Renegade is giving the boys and I the opportunity to run this race, but these are my honest thoughts on the whole schtick.  I paid fully for this last year and would have happily done it again for the boys and I to have this experience as it’s a total blast. 


2 thoughts on “iTry…Again

  1. hell naw I ain’t tried no Tri!!! But I do much enjoy reading about your adventures. But please fess up on the kiddie pool tri-training tips. I just might go all in on that part.

    • The kiddie pool training is to pretend you’re swimming hard and just lay there watching the kiddos. Actually we play 3 Flags Up which is quite the workout since we tend to play it full-contact style 🙂

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