Going The Distance

10 miles running
2 miles walking
~8 min miles

Still Got It Strides

The other day I’m pretty sure I uttered the words, “I couldn’t run a half marathon if my life depended on it.”

I think I told the boys I’d strap them to the top of the car for the ride home f they didn’t listen at Target, so let’s not go too crazy reading into it.  I mean, if there were cupcakes involved or my children were in danger, I’m pretty sure I could have busted out 13.1, but in my mind there was no way I was in shape to handle it.

Let’s face it – 5 mile runs have been exhausting and have felt like 20.  The miles are paralyzing and thanks to some humidity and craptastic fueling, I actually called the saggin’ wagon only 4.5 miles into a run this week.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 1.00.03 PM.pngI woke up feeling rested – pounded some caffeine and carbed up ready to see what the morning held.  Let’s remember, I haven’t run double digits in one session in months.  

Since I was feeling a little masochistic, I went out to a nice, hilly route and waited to see what happened.

Miles ticked by 3, 4, 5…still feeling alive.

6, 7, 8…still feeling great.

Just before 10, called it quits so I could do it again.

Honestly, I know that endorphins and runner’s stupidity could drive me to go further than I should, so instead I decided to power walk for a few miles the rest of the way home.  No need to get hurt.

Crazy Runner's High

Crazy Runner’s High

This only reinforces my “morning’s are best for me” running mentality.  Afternoon running will work when it’s necessary, but let’s stick with the morning as a preferred time to get the miles in.

When do you run best?

Have you had to call the saggin’ wagon this summer?


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