Race Review: Renegade Summer Trail Series 5 Mile

5 Miles
Summer Trail Strides

Since I am out of race shape and haven’t been running, I did the smartest thing you could do – go sign up for a 5 mile trail run (Renegade Race Summer Trail Series).  Actually, it was a last minute decision fueled by some canceled plan changes and the desire to try something new (plus Heather can be awfully convincing).

Getting Started


Registration & Checkin- This was prior to my pre-race snooze

I was told to get there early and actually listened, but it was unnecessary, the registration and check-in was so smooth and I was done in about 5 minutes.  With the extra time, I curled up with my bag and took a little rest/nap.  This is exactly how to prepare for a race #badadvice.

At check-in, you got the choice between a t-shirt and BBQ ticket. They had me at the B in BBQ.

The Loot
I initially ditched the goodie bag, but after the race I saw someone pull out a box of Starbucks Via Iced Coffee and I accosted one of the poor teen volunteers and held her against her will until she found me a bag. Nothing says I love you more than caffeinated beverages (all the extra loot was good too).

Oh So You Have to Run
Once I accepted the fact this wasn’t a $30 nap, I meandered over to the starting line sans warmup.  Fail.  The race started a few minutes early which was a surprise, but this chip-timed trail race got off without a hitch.

The Start that says Finish...

The Start that says Finish…

Let me reassure you, this was no walk in the park.  This course is 5 miles with almost 1,000 feet of incline on loose trail.  After about a mile of nice flat trail, you go up on a very hilly ridge for a few miles and then down and loop back nice and flat to the end.

As with trail races, course support is lean, but Kelli was out there handing out Icee’s (for great pics of the course check out Heather’s review – it’s mega awesome and comprehensive).

It was a tough course and I’m certain my splits were as consistent as Amanda Bynes’ behavior, but I finished with a 37:53 (7:35 splits) and a 7th place female finish.  I actually had a really nice finish which I justified as looking for an excuse to pee my pants (wish I were kidding).


BBQ & Bottle talk

BBQ & Bottle talk

The one downside is the lack of water…in a summer race, it was a bummer to have to search out water.  My one criticism/request would be to have water there right when you finish.  I suppose if it was THAT problematic I could have carried my handheld water bottle, but I was a complete and total lazybones.

After the race Heather, Julie and I parked it for some burgers, laughs and general complaining about how no one in our houses clean water bottles but us.  But if you have kids (and actually bring them to the event), it’s a great event with kids races, medals, and plenty of room for them to run around.

Overall – I loved the experience and had a blast torturing myself in the heat.  This race was part of a 3 part trail series.  I missed the first one in June, but am hoping to catch the August 1 race.  If you’re in town and looking to push yourself for 5 miles – you should check it out.

Do you ever run trail races?


4 thoughts on “Race Review: Renegade Summer Trail Series 5 Mile

  1. You rock! My best 5-miler time is a 35 flat, and that’s on pavement, NOT a trail, which makes all the difference. I want to be out of shape like you!

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