Get in Shape Girl

10 Miles
Switching it Up Strides

Yesterday I finally hit a double digit day.  This hasn’t happened since, um…May.  And yes, in the back of my mind I was thinking about this:

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 6.51.38 AM.png

Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who insisted on having a plastic chin up bar installed in the bathroom doorway of my childhood home….anyone, Bueller?

Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand – I’ve let myself “running go”.

Could I run a half marathon right now?  Um….no, not without
A-wanting to die
B-get injured
C-hate myself.

So in Sheila-land I’m kind of out of running shape since I like to be able to at least go and do a half marathon at any point in time, it’s kind of the baseline for me.

I could make a list a mile long as to how I got here, but let’s sum it up – young, busy kids, work, the ice cream truck, and a few major life changes including a move and a trip back home to see the fam..

Summer lovin'

Summer lovin’

Where Am I Going?
To be honest, I don’t know…Right now I’m locked into one like a clingy teenage girl and the other I’m flirting with like it’s Friday night and I want a free drink.

-One certainty is visiting my friend Kevin at RauschPT to get a Run Right Assessment.  I know my form’s gotten out of whack and I’m tired of it and the aches and pains it brings.  It’s time to get rid of the janky right leg once and for all.

Janks be gone...

Janks be gone…

-The more noble but exhausting option I have is to really do something I’ve talked about for years – work on getting my half marathon time down… by 4 minutes.

To be honest I have REALLY mixed feelings on this.  I love running, I love competition and I love challenging myself (that’s a whole lotta love), but I’m also sorta in this place where I’m wanting to be sure I don’t take the fun and joy out of the sport I love by setting a really hard goal for myself.  Oh yeah, plus the thought of actually working on a goal right now sounds exhausting.  So I’ll just go all Bachelorette on this one and stew on whether or not to give this idea my final rose, and that will probably take a few more weeks, but it’s out there.

Did you remember Get in Shape Girl?

What goals are you working on these days?


6 thoughts on “Get in Shape Girl

  1. I’ve taken a good 6 months of not-really training to kind of find my enjoyment in running again. Don’t jump into making a goal until you’re really really really ready. It’s been months of playing in some dirt, finding some cross training I like, remembering that consistency comes before the “this sucks so bad” can stoop, and I think I’m ready again. Don’t push it. It makes it so un-fun.

    Hope to see you tomorrow!!!!

  2. I’m working on being a more consistent runner- and dropping my half marathon time. As well as training for my first full marathon in early 2014. Too many running goals at once..?! Haha

    I understand what you mean about not wanting to take the fun out of it. I think part of my boredom with running this week is that I set a mileage goal (30 miles every week of July)- but with my full time job and real life, it’s hard to accomplish that without running the same exact routes every days. Not fun. Maybe for awhile I should just focus on the consistency goal and have some more fun- explore new roads and areas.

    That sounds nice. Maybe I’ll actually do it..? 🙂

    • Consistency is awesome! It sets a great foundation for getting those times down. And yes, it’s a fine line between challenging oneself and it becoming a chore! And from experience changing up the route totally makes a HUGE difference! Go find new roads!!!

  3. I remember Get In Shape Girl! I sang the commercial when I read the title of this post, lol. I had the gymnastics ribbon set. I was awesome at it too.

    My current goal is to return to running “for one” and not have anything fall out. 😉

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